New Jersey School Skips Legal Battle, Will No Longer Recite “God Bless America”


Students at a Haddon Heights Elementary School are getting a real-life lesson in Constitutional law.
Staffers at Glenview Elementary School say it became a daily ritual for students to say “God bless America” after the morning recital of the Pledge of Allegiance.
**[COLOR=#000000]Principal Sam Sassano says it was not something the school promoted or required; it just endured as a way to honor first responders after 9/11.

School Skips Legal Battle, Will Not Recite “God Bless America” « CBS Philly

Removing more rights by the ACLU**[/COLOR]


Nice. Just one more step up the ladder of communism.


I am an Atheist, but singing “God Bless America” is no different then saying “One Nation Under God.” Neither states a specific God/Deity. Some people just need to move on to more important things. I understand why the school just caved, since the lawsuit would be very costly. Just another fine example of the tyranny of the minority.


That is what the ACLU depends upon since they get their court costs if they win


Exactly. Every ACLU case that has been fought has been won, but few can afford to fight. Where does the ACLU get all their money, anyway?


I cannot agree with you more Sam.


The solution is to ignore these scum and any court that treats them as credible, they should simply keep saying “God Bless America” and see if these dirtbags in the Judicial system will send an army of cops to arrest the whole school.

These pathetic Atheists get their power and credibility entirely from the willingness of decent people to lend it to them, any citizen in any environment who would do anything but scoff at a threat from scum like the ACLU and the courts who support them deserve to surrender all of their Rights.

If everyone would simply call their bluff by ignoring them, then they would be the ones faced with taking an action that would draw the outrage of the entire nation; we spare them ever having to face that reality by cowering before their threats.

It is not just the citizens who do this, the GOP Congress runs away screaming every time Obama says he will veto something that they got elected to do; none in the GOP has ever even considered making Obama take the heat for such veto’s.

This will just keep happening until decent people doing decent things that harm nobody start refusing to participate, this frustration is why Trump is so popular right now; he is not much of an admirable example but he is a master at refusing to lend credibility to people who have none.

If Trump is popular for not taking crap from losers like this just imagine how popular people with a more admirable disposition would be by taking the same stands, we don’t need lawyers; we need a spine.