New Marvel superhero film to feature ‘beautiful,’ ‘moving’ homosexual kiss

Happy that I didn’t have to actually type that headline.
As it is, I am nauseated in just Copying & Pasting the perverts gushing description!

(As an aside … are two men kissing really men?)

New Marvel superhero film to feature homosexual kiss | News | LifeSite

Homosexuality is a part of life. Given that, I don’t have a problem with it in play or film if it has an essential place in the plot.

The trouble is writers are sticking it into many scripts simply for the shock value or as an in your face demand that you accept it or else. I cannot remember how many works I have seen in last couple of years where a homosexual scene was simply added to the script in a totally gratuitous manner. It seems like it has become a “requirement.”

Several years ago NBC ran a live production of “The Sound of Music.” The next year they produced the “Peter Pan” musical. Then a couple years ago they did “Hair Spray.” Really? You think that is appropriate for a family hour musical? Shouldn’t parents who think that might be unacceptable for their young children get a warning?

You would think that homersexuals make up 40 to 50 percent of the population and indeed that is what some young adults believe. It is LESS than 3%.

But I have a question…is this onscreen kiss as beautiful and moving as Bootygiggles and his hubby kissing each other on the stage at the end of the debates?? It leaves many wondering where those mouths have been.

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