New Muslim Majority City Council in Michigan Warns, “Today we show the [non-Muslims]


<article id=“post-72804” class=“post-72804 post type-post status-publish format-standard has-post-thumbnail hentry category-islamic-law-in-america tag-muslim-majority-city-council” style=“box-sizing: border-box; padding: 17px 0px 15px; float: left; max-width: 100%; width: 480px; background: url(<a href=” http:="""" wp-content="" themes="" atlus_shrugs="" images="" post_border.png"="" target="_blank">[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Droid Sans]Last week, I reported about the first American city in history to elect a Muslim majority City Council. Well it didn’t take long for the aggression and hostility to surface — did it? It never does. Always conflict and strife. A cell phone video surfaced of one of the organizers declaring, “Today we show the

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Didn’t take them long to show they plan on making life miserable for non muslims.




Pamela Geller is pure unadulterated poison.


She sure is…for morons who refuse to understand what Islam has in store for the rest of us.


Islam isn’t the problem - religious extremism is.


Well right now for most of the world it is specifically Islamic extremism and the popularity of Islamic extremism among the practitioners of Islam that is the problem.


You obviously don’t know squat about Islam or what it DEMANDS of its adherents, Jazz.


That may be so, but Geller publishes hit pieces on even peaceable Muslims. There’s no evidence that the American citizens elected to Hamtranck City Council are religious extremists.


No? How does it feel to post nonsense that is willfully ignorant?


I dunno, Dave, just how does it feel?


Only you and Reason10 here on RO would seem to know, Jazz. Project much?


I am sure others besides myself notice how you refer to radical muslims as if they were peaceful and refuse to acknowledge the wrongs that have been done and are still going on. Oh I know it is those filthy Christians who are at fault. You are so predictable.


Obama Syndrome. Unable to call it what it is.


The principle difference between “peaceable” Muslims and radical Muslims is that radical Muslims want to hack off your head and “peaceable” Muslims want radical Muslims to hack off your head. That’s about the sum of it.


Can anyone explain how a statement like this is distinguishable from bigotry?


If it’s bigotry it also has an element of truth and the Muslims bring down fear and loathing on themselves by their very common support for the terrorists.


When “peaceable” Muslims start fighting radical Muslims I MIGHT believe there’s a dime’s worth of difference between them. Until then, my statement stands. Bigotry? The “bigotry” is on the part of Muslims.


What evidence suggests that the American citizens elected to Hamtranck’s city council “support the terrorists”? An exercise in American assimilation and democracy has been warped by the usual suspects on this board as a excuse for making outrageous statements that, to the reasonable reader, appear indistinguishable from bigotry.


Now THIS is willful ignorance, Dave. Thousands of Muslims are fighting the terrorists, each and every day.


If they reject the extremists, reject establishing sharia I guess none. Neither is it unreasonable for Americans or other secular countries to fear Muslims and Islamic immigration. The Islamists have given them plenty of reason to fear it.


Tribalism but both tribes hate secularism.