New Obama Ad by 97 yr old woman 'burn this MOTHER****** down


if Romney wins

97-y-o woman: “We’ll burn this motherfucker down” if Romney’s elected | Fellowship of the Minds



I’ll watch the ad when I get my gumption back. I just learned that someone I love dearly voted for that son of a bitch, based on a lies she fell for.
If she could’ve just waited until I had an opportunity to repsond…


This ad was made my Michael Moore and Soros…


I read it. Some of it. Didn’t watch it.
There is no shame anymore. (And I thought my language was bad.)
Is that language actually allowed? Outloud?


I caved. Watched it.
I’m now sick.

And what does it matter WHO produced it? It’s garbage, pure filth. I didn’t know the so-called ‘greatest generation’ was capable of such depravity. I thought they had more pride than that.
And my mother and father, born in the '20’s, are most likely looking down from heaven and weeping.


No ‘greatest generation’ in this, the old woman was probably a Nazi supporter in WWII, as is George Soros, who owns and of course Moore who is a communist socialist except when he is making movies and gettying filthy rich…

I sent it to a buddy of mine who IS a member of the ‘greatest generation’ as a fighter pilot in WWII, shot down 3 times in fact, I look forward to his thoughts…


Yes, I understand all that about MoveOn, etc. Ovomit’s puppet masters.

I hope your buddy’s keyboard doesn’t melt.

Pot meet kettle. Vote Republican or pretty much burn in hell is pretty twisted.