New Orleans Student Leader Says “Right-Handed People” Need To Check Their Privilege…


A University of New Orleans student government executive argues that aside from white males, college students, U.S. citizens, and even right-handers need to “check their privilege.”

Darius Miner, who serves as Chief Justice of the UNO Student Government Association (SGA), claims in an op-ed for The Odyssey Monday that in order to effectively fight injustice, individuals must acknowledge a greatly expanded definition of “the dominant and advantaged groups” in our society.

“We all have a role or play a part in the way ourselves and our fellow people are treated,” he asserts. “If you think that you don’t have a role or a voice, think again.”

Miner then proceeds to identify seven categories of privilege, beginning with those that have already been targeted by others in the social justice movement and then adding several new characteristics of his own, each with instructions on how to “check” that particular privilege.

New Orleans Student Leader Says “Right-Handed People” Need To Check Their Privilege… | Weasel Zippers

Yeah all you right handed people need to check your privilege. I am left handed and feel offended. I swear the things people come up with to “feel” offended.


I heard being left handed is a mental disorder…Maybe they should check themselves into a mental ward.

Apologies to all the lefties here but SCIENCE!


We are also evil according to the bible


I knew there was something off about you Sam… :ninja:


Just when you thought you’d heard it all (no, not really)!