New person joining up.

Hello everyone. I guess that I should say that I consider myself a conservative, although on a couple of issues I just don’t care about or consider them none of my business. Those issues aren’t important enough to me to ever vote liberal. Anyway here’s the answers to the suggested questions:

  1. I’m a Texan (you might have guessed that from my handle).
  2. I put in 20 in the Air Force & my wife put in 24 (4 in the Army & 20 in the A.F.).
  3. The meaning of my handle? Well it describes me. I’m old & a Texan. For a good many years I went by Tex in the A.F…
  4. Favorite books? Well all of the military series written by W. E. B. Griffin.
  5. Important topic for the next election? Honestly I don’t think that any topic matters. By that I mean that we have a choice of voting one of 2 types of government, capitalism or socialism. I believe that the Democrats have by passed changing the laws here & gone to the basic’s. Wealth redistribution through taxation & social programs. That’s what we have to fight. Individual topics or for that matter candidates don’t really matter (to me). I’m voting for the type government that I want.
  6. Lurking? I never lurk, but I did take a few weeks to check out posts. ​


And I thank you and your wife for your service!

Again, Welcome. Enjoy RO.

Hi and welcome! Former Navy here ('83-'89).

Well "“old Tex” from another “old Tex”, 26 years in the Army Total enlisted and Officer.

Thanks PeteS!
Also thanks Pappadave!
Fantasy Chaser just to let you know we have some navy people here in town at the local base.
17Oaks the picture you post is just what I was looking for when I retired. It didn’t work out that way but it’s still my idea of a perfect way to live. (fenced property & nobody can screw with you). Of course where I live (the conservative part of Texas) you don’t usually need a fence because people generally don’t mess with you so it worked out pretty well.

Welcome! Enjoy the site!