New poll shows Clinton over Trump by double-digits

For all of the Nervous Nellie’s out there, (or is it Karen’s now)?
Well anyway, for those who are concerned about the Biden leads Trump by a Mile propaganda …

I want you to notice the date of this article!

Updated 4:43 PM ET, Sun October 23, 2016

Polls are a manufactured rudder meant to steer public opinion and politicians in the direction the poll owner wants.

Polls do not reflect reality.

The purpose is to create reality.

How about prediction markets, where people use actual real money, essentially betting on winners and losers?

Do you think people are throwing money away just to manipulate you?

Yes, Mr. Brown, we know that you are eager to begin your serfdom to the government. You have made that quite clear. The trouble is you are insistent upon dragging us along with you.

I wish that you move to California or New York, give up your freedom to Gavin Newsome or Andrew Cuomo, and leave the rest of us alone.

You think that this next a Democrat administration is going to be like it was under Obama where property rights were respected. You are sadly mistaken with Bernie Sanders, AOC and Black Lives Matter in charge.


Mr Brown …

This is a World Wide news (lol) program!

Notice the date?
Explain please?

Sorry, what do I need to explain?

How about why isn’t this ugly harridan preparing for HER re-election if polls meant anything?

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I didn’t cite a poll.

BTW, if polls don’t mean anything, why does the Trump re-election campaign conduct internal polls?

Hmmmm :thinking:

To keep tabs on what their opposition is doing.

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So then polls do mean something, yes?

I’m truly flattered that you think I have that much influence in your life, but I doubt my vote will count any more than yours, that is, unless you think I’d risk jail time to vote in the last county I lived in where my name might still be on the voter role all to get 1 more vote in a state (WV) that will unquestionably go for Trump.

No. They don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s always a good idea to keep tabs on what the Dim-wits are up to.

Oh, what, giving up my freedom to Ralph Northam isn’t enough?

Well, in a few years after Trump is gone and Biden and his socialist VP are in, we can come back and discuss your predictions…

You can’t have it both ways. They either are useful or they aren’t.

And they don’t just poll to “see what the Dems are up to”. They poll to see who people are voting for in the next election.

You don’t have that power by yourself, but you have joined the far left which will seize it. It will be interesting to see how long your coalition will hold together once you seize power.

It might apart at the seams when AOC, Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter start seizing private property. Once the Democrats take control of the the presidency and both houses of Congress, Black Lives Matter will demand action. That’s when your monolithic government will start to know that it has a problem.

YEAH. Like they did in the LAST Presidential election after polls said otherwise?

For all of the comments on this page, I direct this to mr Brown. Polls are the means for no nothings to make a meager living. Frankly I have never received a poll request from any of the major pollers out there and I doubt most of you folks have either. They are a waste of time and a majority of these pollers depend on their information on specific target areas. And almost all receive funding from the Soros foundation. Soros has his hands on much of the media today. Soros is hell-bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic and HAS said so on numerous occasions, yet he does live here with a dual citizenship.

Trump is the underdog again. The polls were pretty accurate in 2016. Clinton under performed by only 1.5%. The big issue was that no one was even polling Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin or Minnesota. You had tons of polls out in Arizona and Texas hoping for a Clinton upset, but no one even bothered to poll Minnesota in the month of November.

I honestly don’t know if Trump is holding back or following bad advise. I’ve seen him get led into bad decisions lately(lock down, Bible photo op), so I’m not convinced he’s following his instincts any more.

If he’s just bidding time and comes roaring out with a choice between a masked socially distant, isolated “new normal” of eternal four walls, versus living a life, he should do well. But if Trump slides into “Yes Honey” on the masks, and shutting down parks and beaches, he’ll lose - and he’ll deserve to lose. You can’t drop the ball on the most life altering move in a generation and expect to come out on the other side.

People are always going to vote for the full strength item over the watered down version. If it’s full lockdown Biden versus tepid kind of keep some stuff open Trump, Biden will win. If it’s live your life Trump, versus live your life in a fetal position Biden, Trump will win.

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“There’s no evidence that anyone is passionately for Biden, except maybe his family.

He never was inspiring, but in his present state, he couldn’t get an illiterate pyromaniac to attend a book burning.”

Yes, be there are a lot of people passionately against Trump.

I think, and of course, this is just my opinion, that for every person out there that is crazy about Trump, there are two people that aren’t