New poll shows Clinton over Trump by double-digits

Aweee…I’m flattered.

njc, I replied to you once and didn’t say how nice it is to see you. Not sure if you’ve been avoiding me in my threads or if you’ve been away, but it’s nice to see you back!

It is an imperfect endeavor to be sure. Polls are only as good as the information that goes into them. Garbage in, garbage out.

But to suggest that the only polls done nationally are controlled by Soros is tin-foil hat stuff. As if the right, or independents lack the capacity to create a poll that represents a reasonable crosssection of the country.

I’m always somewhat baffled on how the far-right has turned on polls as if, because they didn’t represent the result in the last election, that they must be evil and vile.

As CWolf points out, the polls weren’t off by that much, I think it was the media’s reporting (or lack of) that was the real issue.

That said, this isn’t a poll:

Now, if I’m being honest, this type of thing only appeals to certain kinds of people, thus I admit there are a lot of people that are unrepresented here.

The question is, are the kind of people that would risk money making predictions the same kinds of people that will vote and are representative of the nation at large?

I admit I don’t know the answer to this question, but what I do know is that the results are genuine in that they aren’t targeted as the site does not choose who participates and no one has an influence on who people chose to place their money on.

What I do know is that there are a group of people in the US that are for Biden or against Trump (however you wish to look at it) by a substantial margin.

It’s not controlled by George Soros. It’s a place where people put there money where their mouths are.


I’ll be interested to come back here after the election and see how accurate this is.

Mr Brown; Sadly since last year I have has two more heart attacks and have a new replacement pacemaker. But things also stay busy despite my heart issues. I am a moderator of a 17 church coalition, that runs the food Pantry for our part of the county, we also are developing a transitional housing program for the homeless, and have a winter sheltering program. At the same time I write and teach Bible Studies for Senior citizens, which at this point is being done over Email, Most don’t have a grasp of ZOOM. I also still practice my Architecture on a much smaller scale. So I have to limit my time on other things. I don’t have the time to sit and argue over the internet and so I limit my time here.
Now to answer your immediate statement: regarding polls. I have NEVER been included in any poll and I don’t know of any others who have either. Most polls are handled by groups with an agenda. On the last election Trump was behind Clinton by a wide margin and won. Biden is a mindless idiot who cannot string two thoughts together, and the democrats know this, but will have some bright but totally deranged socialist female, and she will be the control but handled by the power democrats. No those polls are totally wrong and worthless.

That is awesome and I wish you the best of heath.

Not sure where you live, but my guess is that polls are done in places that can swing. If you live in a solid blue or red state, chances are you won’t see a lot of polls. AS pointed out, rightly so, that the states that made up the “blue wall” weren’t polled much and as a result, the Clinton campaign didn’t know about what was going to happen to them,

Polls are far from perfect, you know what they say, garbage in garbage out.

Certainly some, but agendas don’t skew polls, bad methods do.

Again, probably because the method was bad.

And yet, the administration uses polls all the time.

Once more, polls are only as good as the methods used to take them.

They were also dramatically predicting a Clinton victory in 2016.

Even in the states Clinton took for granted? PA, MI, OH etc?

Definitely can’t trust the polls after Clinton’s loss. I’m curious what they’ve changed in polling since then, but not curious enough to spend any time looking tbh

LOL. Poling companies exclude red states from there data. I have personal knowledge of that in the case of at least Gallup. They do NOT exclude deep blue states, however.

Good to see you back.WLG