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A joke?
How can we be sure? 8)

Covid is a mindless virus that is doing its thing. Biden is an almost mindless human being who never has a second thought about what he is doing to the citizens of the country that elected him. So, yes, Covid is less reprehensible than Biden. Perhaps Dr. Jill Biden, who we assume is more cognizant than he is, is more to blame. She had to have known his mental condition while he was running for President.

It’s much like Reagan senior staffers are running the show, maybe we should get him up there to do a monologue rather than pretend to lead that worked well for Reagan folk.

Nonsense, @Unitedwestand.

There is wide agreement here that heating costs are going up by 25 to 35% this winter. That hurts everyone from the poor to the middle class. It is not an exaggeration to say that some people will have to chose between food and heat. Yet, Biden is threatening to shut down another pipeline between Canada and the United States, which will drive up heating and energy costs even higher.

The Biden administration acts like a group of people who hate the American people. They are doing as much as they can to make life harder for all, including the poor. This is truly unprecedented.

You know very little about the Reagan administration. You are younger than I, and you not a U.S. citizen. You dislike Reagan because he supported capitalism and succeeded. As a hard core socialist, you never want to see that. You are great at ignoring the failures of socialism, like Cuba, Venezuela and the old Soviet Union, but disinterested in looking at where freedom has worked.

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I was Born in Muskegon Michigan that makes Me a US Citizen, 5th gen on my moms side 3 gen on my dads. I’m Dutch, Welsh, Scottish and Irish. With Welsh roots back to the 1830s.

Inflation rose 7% my wage rose 22% this year my wife’s rose 18%. Our wages outpace inflation at the current time. Michigan has an energy rebate to set off sudden increases in our tax code. Most consumers won’t see it here. Energy rates can only increase 8% for year so the state per the MSPC (Michigan Utility Board) will eat the cost and they will have to slowly raise it then reimburse the state with interest.

Not a Socialist The Soviet Union Sucked, Cuba Sucks, Venezuela Sucks, Angola Sucks. China Sucks, North Korea Sucks.
The USA rocks, Sweden Rocks, Germany Rocks, The UK rocks, Canada Rocks, Norway Rocks. Finland Rocks, Denmark Rocks!

Ronald Regan Was a Racist, union busting, 1% teet sucking, old colonial waster who refused to recognize the African National Congress when his own party begged him.
How was the Volcker shock with the 20% interest rates in the early 80s?

Somehow you guys either won’t or can’t see the difference between the Nordic model and the USSR.