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Apparently, the old Random Thought Thread got automatically locked out because of a 10,000 post limit. So I’m starting a new one.

Mom and I just saw a magnificent buck with a big rack this morning. Mom thought at first it was a seven-point, but after studying it, I realized that it was actually a nine-point, with a small protrusion of a tenth point. He was a fat one, too; I would love to have met him in my archery-hunting years. I didn’t think to take a pic of him…

Okay, I got some funky results when I pinned this thing. I’ll try to fix it or get it fixed.

Probably the strangest rack I’ve ever seen was at a ski resort. They had a mule deer’s antlers mounted up in an out of the way area. It was 3 by 7, ugliest rack I’ve seen. It was so lopsided, I don’t know how he held his head straight. I wondered if it had been carved, but I didn’t see any evidence of it.

I didn’t even own a cell phone at the time, but it looked a bit like this

I’m still lurking about, but I don’t have much to say on the political front. It pretty much entirely makes me want to hurl…

I’ve literally never been happier with the state of politics. Trump has shifted the entire political spectrum throughout the world. Nationalism is rising everywhere, even in Europe.
Trump’s economic agenda is humming along smoothly. He’s quickly destroying the power structure of the old corrupt Republican Party, and the Democratic Party is busy tearing itself apart over Clinton’s shady takeover of the corrupt DNC.

Meanwhile, Muller is in the background digging up dirt on foreign involvement of hundreds of swamp critters.

Trump is doing everything I hoped Ron Paul would do - plus he knows how to manage an economy.

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I don’t know that it’s anything Trump is actually doing himself. It seems to me that its the parties’ hatred of him has them lashing out and flailing around spastically, exposing and damaging themselves…which would be amusing if anyone was going to be punished for the manifold examples of corruption and collusion and fraud and malfeasance and so forth which are being exposed
But nothing will be done, and next November, the voters will return the same corrupt jackasses to the same political offices, and the same corrupt bureaucrats will still be running the alphabet soup agencies of the ever-expanding “Jabba the Hut” bloat of government.

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I got a somewhat-distant pic of that buck, but the camera doesn’t display images, so I haven’t had a chance to see what the pic looks like, let alone post it.

The local paper today showed pictures of TWO 5 x 5 elk taken by KIDS here in Oklahoma. They were taken in widely disparate areas, too. One by a girl out west near the town of Vici, OK and one by a boy in SE Oklahoma.

For the holiday:

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I love me my new motorcycle. It’s just… beautiful.


I hope you’re not riding that baby at this time of year; been there, done that, froze my patootie off…

Electric heated gear makes all the difference my friend.

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Not into motorcycles, but want to share some good news. We were planning on very small Christmas this year. Foster kids busy with their own grandchildren and our son unable to come from Clearwater, Florida, so wife, daughter and I were planning a menu for Christmas dinner yesterday afternoon when my wife looked out the window and saw a pickup pulling a U-Haul park at our curb and…out climbs our SON, making a bee-line for the front door!


Gah. Not my cup of tea. When it’s cold, it’s also often dangerous weather on two wheels…

In the spirit of the season:

It looks more like this:

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Nobody talking about Iran?

I’ve only heard a couple of snippets on the news (I imagine there’ll be more today, since our Christian radio news will be back to its non-holiday schedule.

In the meantime, the Magnaclams have their own way of dealing with Iran:
Magnaclam v Iran

I managed to get out last evening for a bit of stargazing with the 8" Newtonian. The first thing I did was hunt up the pair of interacting galaxies M81 and M82 (visible together at the same time). Not quite as vivid as I remember (probably my imagination embellished it), but still quite distict with two oval shapes that were unmistakable spiral galaxies. I also got a glimpse of the Pleiades (M45) open cluster, with a hint of nebulosity visible around a couple of the brightest stars therein.

The Orion Nebula (M42) was spectacular. I’ve seen it many times, but in recent years- and never moreso than last night- I’m noticinge beautiful structure and detail in the wisps of gas and the darker parts that obscure some of the illuminated area. I think God is allowing me to see more (of it and other objects) now that I’m in a frame of mind to appreciate it and its implications in terms of Who made it. I did a little searching for the nearby Horsehead Nebula (near the leftmost star on Orion’s belt; M42 is the sword), but while I could make out a bit of other related nebulosity near the star, I’ve never been able to make out the Horsehead Nebula, and last night was no exception.

I saw an unidentified fuzzy patch well up to the east, and found another star cluster. After checking my Peterson field guide, I realized that I’d discovered it last year; it’s the Beehive Cluster, also known as Praesepe (M44).

And since it was up, I went looking for (after looking up its specific location) the Crab Nebula (M1). In the time that Jesus walked the Earth, it didn’t exist (or at least wasn’t visible from Earth). It was formed from a supernova that was seen in July of 1054. So effectively, we’re seeing a slightly-less-than-thousand-year-old Nebula. It didn’t appear very bright, but it was unmistakably there.

I find it interesting that I see all these dazzling pictures of amazing astronomical objects, and I can look them up on a chart, point the telescope in the right place, and they’re there!

I see the work of Your hands;
Galaxies spinning a heavenly dance.
Oh God, all that You are
Is so overwhelming…