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Ouch. My condolences, fwiw. (condolences and a a buck eighty five will still buy a cup of coffee at most convenience stores…


Sounds like she got bored. Bored women are very dangerous. Your son wouldn’t happen to be between the age of 3 and 5 would he?

I recall your wife was foreign. I’m going to guess she was from SE Asia. Probably the Philippines or Thailand with that act.


Our church’s Prime Timers group (age 55+, although they let me participate at 53) held a Teen Appreciation event last night for our youth group, and I was invited to do the devotional. I’m not much of a public speaker, but I know some of the people including a few of the kids, and I managed to get through it without choking, although not as smoothly as I might have liked.

My topic was a Christian apologetics theme on the nonsense of relative (as opposed to absolute) truth; the whole concept of: “You have your truth, and I have mine.” Since the concept is tied to the logical concept of “both/and,” I showed how “both/and” flatly doesn’t work with truth. I had a volunteer play the role of someone who believes in relative truth, and I showed how said belief (emphasis on the part that states (ludicrously) that truth is not absolute) proves the opposite. Because relative truth is predicated on the inclusive “both/and” logic, by definition, the very statement “truth is not absolute” is not an absolute truth. Therefore, “truth is absolute” is validated by it. But “truth is absolute” is predicated on “either/or” logic, and thus, it doesn’t take prisoners. “Truth is not absolute” by its very nature invites “truth is absolute” to the party, and “truth is absolute” says: “Thanks for the invite; now get lost.”

As I put it, once put forth, “truth is not absolute” picks up a gun and blows its logical brains out. Or to put it in the terms of a reference to a Star Trek: The Next Generation novel (Strike Zone, by Peter David) as I also did, it is a “remarkably stupid weapon; do not use.”

Jesus did not say: “I am a way, and a truth, and a life, and some come to the Father by me.”

He said: “I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” John 14:6 (I quoted that to death at Jazzhead).

I forgot to do so, but I’d meant to mention about how secularists bellyache about Christianity being exclusive while ignoring the fact that all beliefs are exclusive; Ravi Zacharias talked about this just a couple weeks or so ago. He pointed out that the only candidate exception was Bahai, which was intended as a universal religion. But, as he also pointed out, they exclude the exclusionists. Well, what is an exclusionist? One who excludes. They managed to exclude themselves; oops. “Remarkably stupid weapon. Do not use.”


So sorry to hear of this. Divorce is never easy. And it is even harder when children are involved. I’m sure you will do a good job raising your son. If you want child support, you have to take her to court. If that didn’t happen in the divorce proceedings, or if you said you didn’t want it, you can take her back to court since you have sole custody. Keep in mind that this money is not for you, but for your son. He has a right to it. Will keep you and your son in my daily prayers.


He’s 2, going on 3 in a couple months.

While she is natively Taiwanese, she moved as a little kid with her family to Canada, so she is totally westernized. She is staying in Canada, and I have to stay here in Canada as I’m not allowed to move him to the United States in case she changes her mind regarding custody… it’s complicated and involves a lot of messy legal stuff.

As an aside, attorneys for family and criminal law cost an obscene amount of money.


All attorneys do, I think. If you wind up doing a ‘go fund me’ or whatever, I’ll kick in what I can.


Sounds about right. I’ve noticed there’s just this… magic time of about 3-4 years after having her last child an awful lot of women get very bored and either leave or kick up a mountain of drama(or both as your case appears to indicate). It’s not even after the kid goes off to school(which would make more sense to me). It’s before they even start.


“This package of Charmin contains toilet paper, a substance known by the state of California to cause cancer…”


In Kalifornia, EVERYTHING causes cancer.