New Requirement for Eagle Scouts: Merit Badge on Climate Change Junk Science


The Sustainability merit badge debuted at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree at The Summit Bechtel Reserve, West Virginia, USA.
Boy Scouts of America reported:
Although the badge is still in development, Scouts can expect to learn about pollution, resource management, green chemistry, and zero-waste practices. They will be challenged to live sustainably and, as in other badges, to explore careers related to sustainability.
Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the Sustainability merit badge will join the list of Eagle-required merit badges as an alternate to Environmental Science. Scouts who earn both badges can count the second as an elective.


T]( indoctrination of children. Teach it is school teach it other places and the children will grow to believe a lie.


I hope this is not an absolute requirement for Eagle scout. My son is a scout and his hell bent on make it to Eagle.


Sez the young earth creationist teaching supporter. LOL…you are a riot.


Duh…READ the link.


First gays, now this. No more scouts supporting for my family. It’s a shame they are going left also.


[quote=“JStang, post:5, topic:39297”]
First gays, now this. No more scouts supporting for my family. It’s a shame they are going left also.
[/quote]We have the boy scouts and this nonsense and the girl scouts being indoctrinated by Planned Parenthood as well.


Looks like your son may have to learn what environmental responsibility is.


Seems to me that allowing gays in put the hurt on the “Doing My to Duty to God”, part of their oath.

Yeah, yeah, I know all the arguments from liberals - and even some Christians - who becry it’s okay 'cuz it’s the sin, not the sinner we’re supposed to hate; and how hateful and uncharitable it is to lock them out of what might be a possitive influence, and it’s okay to be gay so long as you don’t act on those desires…
But most of us are smarter than that. Besides all that, is it wise to surrond yourself with people who oppose the teachings of the Bible?

And besides, besides all that, how can gay people take the oath, themselves?
That’s what I always thought to be the crux of the problem of having gays in the BSA from the get go. They can’t take the oath. At least not with a straight face.


It’s optional. Either it or Enviromental Science. Kind of like how you have to earn one of either swimming, hiking, or cycling.