New rollercoaster


Cedar Point is debuting it’s new rollercoaster this weekend. Thought I would share for you enthuiests out there. The park is only about 45 minutes away, but I haven’t been there in years lol



When my son and I were younger, we used to travel to ride the latest and greatest coasters. We never did make it out to Cedar Point, though, which may have the greatest coaster collection of all.


I believe that Cedar Point is owned by the same people that own Kings Island near Cincinnati. I’m not big into roller coasters but my son loves them. I have acid reflux and it doesn’t mix well with roller coasters.


Thanks for the link. I will share it with my son. He likes to watch roller coaster videos from the rider’s POV.


I went to King’s Island before I joined the Navy ('83, I think), and Cedar Point days after I got out in '89.


Thrill rides make me violently ill. The last time I went to Great America with my daughter, I made the mistake of getting on the teacups and I was blowing chunks for the rest of the day.


lol I have never heard of the Tea Cups being classified as a thrill ride. I’ll admit I’m that way with roller coasters.


Spinning tea cups and pirate swings are basically designed to encourage driving the porcelain bus. Roller coasters, no matter how big, have never made me nauseous but I once hurt my back pretty badly riding the “Hercules” at Dorney Part. That Cobb-built coaster was infamous for its poor design, and has since been dismantled.


Aren’t all those parks part of what used to be Six Flags? I’m pretty sure King’s Island is.


Cedar Point started out independent ages ago, but I know it’s changed hands a couple times in the recent past. It doesn’t appear to be part of Six Flags at the moment and neither does Kings Island.

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company


HOLY … Nevermind, not allowed to say that here.

I don’t generally mind roller coasters. It’s that long, slow climb to the top that terrifies the living daylights out of me.
Not sure I’d tackle THAT one, though.


I generally don’t like being thrashed around. However, acid reflux makes the fall very painful.


I think Six Flags was changed to something else. I’m pretty sure that whatever that was includes King’s Island.


THis would have had to be fairly recent. We went to Kings Island in 2011. There was no association with Six Flags and just Cedar Point.

Six Flags has become the 400 lb. gorilla in that industry. When we went to Six Flags near St. Louis in the early 70’s there was only one more in GA. Now they are all over the US.


Funny, thought King’s Island became part of 6 Flags in the late 80’s or early 90’s. Must have been something else I was thinking of.