New Rule: The Baldy Awards

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New Rule: The Baldy Awards | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) - YouTube

Wonderful! My fellow rightwing reactionary neoNazi fascist racist sexist transphobic homophobic Republican comrades, watch this!
Bill Maher is a good guy, even when he’s wrong. He doesn’t do pious cant.
So anyone who likes him is not lost. There is hope for Mr Blue after all.

Bill Maher actually said the other day that some aspects of the California State Government are not working and should examined. He also said that there might be good reason to think that the Corona Virus might have come from that laboratory in Wuhan, China.

I don’t agree with him very often, but is refreshing to see a person on the left express some ideas which are not in lock step with everything the Democrat Party requires its members in good standing to say and think.

please watch the video and comment on it in this thread

Bill Maher is an arrogant self righteous ar–h—. He is a complete scumbag who thinks that he is the sole authority on everything… He is basically the left wing version of Donald Trump. F— him, f— his opinions and f— the horse he rode in on too.

Every time, every single time I find myself agreeing with the c—, I feel obligated to take a moment of self reflection and wonder if I am wrong or if he is just a broken clock metaphor. Luckily, the times I find myself in agreement with the c— are few and far between. Much like a broken clock, I must say…

This is so different in both tone and content to Patooka’s normal posts, that I am almost convinced his account has been hijacked.

Nope. People like Bill Maher cause me to be impolite. He is the left wing Rush Limbaugh. My thoughts on that guy are equally uncharitable.

He’s a comedian…

Okay, we now know that Bill Maher is “an enemy of the people” because he does not toe the Democrat Party line completely in every detail. This mirrors what the Democrat Party has become. It’s no difference from the communists and Nazis who demand perfect party discipline. If you wonder off the Democrat plantation in any way, they will send the attack dogs after you.

Do you study and history at all? This is what you have become.

I am not a Bill Maher fan. He has been in your camp 98% of the time. I was only pointing out that he has seen some problems with the Democrat approach. For that, you see what @Patooka had to say about him. This is the classic Owellian response.

Puzzling reply. enemy of the people???

What’s puzzling? It’s the term the ancient Romans used, and the communists and the Nazis picked up on it. Your party might start using it soon. Some of your leaders would like to send me and others here to “retraining camps” to de-program us.

I used it in an effort to avoid the “anal opening” image that @Patooka employed.

Democrats don’t think Mahr is an enemy of the people. You’re confused

They think he’s racist thanks to Batman.


Democrats, it’s right in you’re quote. They did the same thing to Sam Harris in the same exchange.

By the way mahr and harris both think trump and the maga hat wearers are idiots

Why would I care? Did you miss the part where I said “I didn’t vote for Trump?”.

You’re wrong about Harris though; he thinks Trump supporters are mistaken, he doesn’t believe it due to people being idiotic. Only misunderstanding the cause of their issues.