New ‘Star Trek’ Showrunner Bryan Fuller on Progressiveness, Number of Episodes, etc


Typically I am all for a new Star Trek but this producer is failing to understand why Star Trek fan love the series so much. Star trek tells good stories in a Sci-fi setting and with good cast(TNG) brings that universe to life on the screen. We do not care if a character is black, gay, multilingual or some illegal alien( :rofl: ) who conned the system to get where they are.

New ‘Star Trek’ Showrunner Bryan Fuller on Progressiveness, Number of Episodes, Filming Details, and Much More/


That’s what’s really exciting about this new show, and while Fuller didn’t come right out and say that the new Star Trek will have an LGBTQ character, he strongly implied it:
I remember when they announced “Stargate: Universe.” One of the earliest announcements was, “We’re going to have a gay character!” Back then, it was newly trendy. And here we go again today, one of the earliest details we get is “Homos are in the house!”

Well, guys, you’re not cutting edge. You’re just pandering. You’re not telling stories where a homosexual is useful to the story. You’re including it just for the sake of having it. Nothing like ruining your art with pathetic politically correct quotas.

And this business of paying extra just to stream this show. I see where it’s going in general. I was likely to pass anyway, and this isn’t helping change my mind. In general, I’ve no interest in watching homos make out. Don’t know why I should. I’m sure that’s considered homophobic. I’m sure I’m supposed to sit on the edge of my seat and fawn all over yet another show pandering to gays – all because – reasons…I’m a bigot if I don’t. Whatever.

But this is nice, and Fuller’s right:

but Star Trek’s not necessarily a universe where I want to hear a lot of profanity, either.