New Street Name In DC

If this is a spoof then I apologize but it wasn’t posted by the Babylon Bee.


It makes me want to puke. What other group could get away with defacing public property that probably makes the highway less safe? Black Lives Matter is a socialist group that is out for far more than changing police procedures. The group had almost disappeared from view until this Floyd incident revived it.

Whenever you say “All lives matter” abound the members of this group they explode in rage. It’s a perfectly reasonable statement, but for these people it’s “racist.”


It makes me want to puke too. green-puke-icon
But the irony is that BLM isn’t impressed. They tweeted this reaction, as reported by the Bezos Post:

“This is a performative distraction from real policy changes,” the group
said on Twitter, adding, “Black Lives Matter means defund the police.”

D.C. Mayor Bowser did it to appease them, but her budget actually increases the police budget.