New Supreme Court judge should be a black woman


SHARPTON: “Now in your opinion, should the seat be filled as soon as possible by President Obama?”

OGLETREE: “I think that President Obama should fill the seat. I know Republicans are having fits and I’m sure I’ll get negative press about this, but he should have the opportunity, as any president has, to appoint the successor, and that should be a woman, I think, a woman of color, I think, and there are a lot of people, and I won’t mention names because I don’t want to in a sense prevent anybody from being appointed, but I think President Obama should appoint somebody right away, and somebody who will fill that seat, and there will be five Democrats appointed by President Obama on the Supreme Court.”

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Is anyone surprised that there would be a call for a black person? No qualifications necessary except black. Don’t we already a woman Judge who determines things on race on the Supreme Court? Clarence Thomas is not considered black enough by the left.


Yeah, I saw a story that Loretta Lynch is at the top of the list on SCOTUSblog.


If he really wants to go for “diversity”, he should put an Asian person on the bench. We’ve had blacks, women, jews, but no Asians.

Transgendered, Asian, Muslim?


Your edit stole my thunder. If not a transgender, then at least a lesbian. Would that satisfy them?

I honestly cringe at the warped thinking of people who would prefer to judge people by the color of their skin - or even genitals, or lack thereof - over the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER AND BRAINS!

NEVER have I seen a more racist, homophobic, sexist group as the empty-headed brains who claim to be the exact opposite. What downright angers me is that they get away with it!


In the long haul, they won’t care as long as it’s an ultra leftist


The left has been sliding toward immorality as a badge of honor for some time now, and the basic difference is that now they are very open about it.:devil:


Whole new definition of, “Brave, New World,” eh?


Democratic Congresswoman: We Need an African American On The Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas Doesn’t Count

Clarence Thomas is the lone African American justice on the Supreme Court, but liberals are so troubled by his conservative leanings that he’s often hit with the charge of not being truly black.

That attitude was apparent again on Al Sharpton’s Sunday show PoliticsNation, when Rep. Karen Bass (D., Calif.) said people wanted to see an “African-American voice” on the Supreme Court to replace late Justice Antonin Scalia that isn’t there with Thomas.

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