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Hi all, I am the Old Ridge Runner, my home site is in the process of doing some work on the site and this site was recommended to us do we don’t have any withdraw symptoms from not being able to discuss current events.

I am a Christian Conservative and vote and post accordingly. I served 5 years in the Navy and 2 years in the Army Reserve. I worked for NASA at Goddard Spaceflight Center aa a Technical Operations Coordinator, retiring in 1994.


Hi Ridge, welcome. :smiley:

Something I’ve always wanted to ask, why is Goddard where they build satellites and Marshall where they build rockets? Shouldn’t that be the reverse?

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Welcome. Hope you see fit to post here regularly.

I don’t think anyone want to be building rockets 45 minutes from the White House and Capitol Building, to much of a temptation.

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Thank you, I am just getting my feet wet so far bug the folks who recommended this site to me are really good folks and outstanding conservatives. This my be the second most place that I will hang out, we’ll see.

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Hi ORR…I sent you a pm. Good to see you here.

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I made it too. Old Katzndogz. Thanks for letting me know.


Welcome to RO!

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Hey buddy how things going, were you able to get on TPF this morning?

Thank you, I haven’t look over much of the forum, but what I have seen I like.

Welcome, to RO.

Thank you.

I am another one who moved from another forum due to construction on the site. Old name here was Agman and new one is Greenpastures. Good to see some familiar names here.

Welcome to RO!

I’m new here myself, just an infant but welcome.

Thanks RET.

Thanks, ORR.

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Welcome, Greenpastures.

welcome from another newbie.

Thanks, Dave.

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