New USA policy

What? These are all Pashtun areas. Ethnic groups having diasporas in neighboring countries serves the point; the Taliban keep to their own areas of residence. They’re not international in scope.

Al Qaeda operates all over the Middle East and Africa and wantonly tries to infiltrate the west and the Far East. Same to ISIS.

The Taliban meanwhile operate far more like Balochi militant groups to include straddling a border, and would have their own country if the Pakistanis weren’t keen on them not.

Not sure what I’m looking at here, I think your link was altered.

The Houthis haven’t, but we’ve given plenty aid to the Saudis to (poorly) fight them.

And again, we used the AUMF to authorize this (and our bombing them), despite it making no sense.

The Biden administration seems to be pushing the narrative that we now have a “kinder and gentler Taliban.” Events on the ground keep proving them wrong, but government stories made up for public consumption are the rule these days.

Yesterday women held a parade demanding their rights. Armed Taliban guards quickly ended that. Woe be to the women who organized it, if they are spotted.

Notice the regimes silence when questioned about the plan to rescue hostages? It’s simple.
We have to “normalize” the Taliban so the American public will not be outraged when we deliver pallets of Benjamins for the hostages. Mission will be ready to go once the crew of trannys complete their C-130 training.

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Have you ever wondered why the Democrats spend so much time and energy covering up for despotic regimes? The State Department has been dragging its feet on helping Americans and Afghans with the proper credentials get out of the country. Of course, Biden Tweeted “welcome home” to the Afghans he let in without proper vetting. The others can rot in Afghanistan.

Early in his administration, Biden set up a commission to look at the source of the Corona Virus. He gave them 90 days to report their findings. The 90 days are up. Word has it that they are arguing over reporting the result.

You know that Biden would like to report that it came from “the wet market” and not the lab. Trump said it was probably from the lab, so, of course, Biden can’t agree with him. To hell with the truth. Biden’s not interested if it doesn’t fit with his desire to kiss the Chinese Communists’ butts. Biden would say it came from the U.S. Army or Australia, which are two Communist Chinese stories, if someone handed him a note to read that said that.

I think that that the Democrats have a kinship with the depots. Dictators are the far-left Democrats’ kind of people, and the far-left Democrats control the party. The far-left Democrats long for a one-party system where they can silence and imprison their critics. This is what the Democrat Party has become.

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What you’re looking at is that the US government has classified the taliban as a terrorist organization my friend. So either you’re wrong, or the US government is wrong.

I’m not going to choose sides; I don’t trust our government.

Aided and abetted by the Grand Old Party.

I think it’s both kinship and envy of their ability to impose their will.

I’m not, this is what I’m seeing when I click the link:

I think you copied a generic link, not the one to whatever you’re looking at.

Just to go on a limb here though, are you referencing the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan ? The TTP? As that’s not the same thing.

No dude. It went way over your head. Firstly, I linked a .GOV site so you can see that the government DOES INDEED classify the Taliban as terrorists. I’m assuming you didn’t check it out or you’re in denial.

Then I linked a site EXPLAINING TO YOU what a .gov website is so you can you know, trust what it says.

You still classify the Taliban as a “rebel group” and not terrorists despite me just proving to you that you are verifiably wrong? Wait.

You must have voted for Biden.

Oh, didn’t you know the Biden administration has been negotiating with the Taliban? Who knows? If we give them a couple trillion dollars, they might let four or five Americans leave the country with their lives.

If the Democrats get their “3.5 trillion “human infrastructure bill” passed, the dollar will be worth no more than “lucky bucks” any way, so the joke will be on the Taliban.

The amazing thing is that all of these “intellectuals,” with college degrees, are still believing in this Federal Government that is run by lunkheads. At least I can understand why Biden chose Blinken to be Secretary of State. That guy is as dumb and incompetent as Biden.

Good thinking, Joe. You won’t have worry about the top guy in your cabinet showing you up.

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The State Department, not the Taliban is preventing Americans from leaving.

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I heard this. What exactly is Biden trying to do?

Simple, if private organizations are successful in rescuing Americans in Afghanistan it makes the Biden regime look bad.

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First, Okay, I made a mistake there, I apologize.
You’re link shows this in the list of groups though:


The Afghanistan Taliban is not on that list.

Second; the Government says they don’t:

“The Taliban are not a U.S.-designated Foreign Terrorist
Organization (FTO)”

That’s from August 17th.

Third, are you certain you’re not mixing up the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan, with the Afghanistan Taliban?

The state department considers those separate entities, the former is a terror group, the latter is not.

We do it this way, in part, as a concession to Pakistan, who approaches them differently.

I know, the DNI is in error here. If it was an FTO, there would be a declaration of it.

Until they correct this error which I find it hard to believe nobody has brought this to their attention yet,

I’m going to go ahead and consider them a terrorist group. But whatever, if I’m wrong that’s cool. I’m definitely not concerned with them hurting the USA in any fashion. I just think it’s sad that now the entire world knows how weak our leadership is. After this, I’m expecting a WHOLE lot more international calamities to fall upon the Biden administration.

I’m going to the top here; the DNI does not declare which are terrorist organizations, that’s done by the U.S. State Department.

The U.S. State Department has three primary list for terrorist organizations. The FTOs, Executive Order 13224, and the Terrorist Exclusion List.

The Afghanistan Taliban, are not on any of these. A singular member who we killed is, and that’s all.

If we had declared the Afghanistan Taliban a terrorist organization, we could not have agreements with them. Trump nor his proxies could have met with them, the law would have barred them from doing so.

Why? Again, what is different between their actions and that of a rebel group?

Again, I push on this, because we ***** this up in Yemen.