New York Democrat Says Boston Bombers Would Have Been Stopped by a Background Check


New York Democrat Says Boston Bombers Would Have Been Stopped by a Background Check
Bryan Preston


Rep. Carolyn Maloney must be privvy to some laws that are not on the books and unknown to everyone but herself. On MSNBC today, the gun control advocate declared that gun background checks would have stopped the Boston bombers. Even though, obviously, they didn’t.

Except that current background checks don’t apply to anyone buying pressure cookers, model cars and fireworks or whatever the bombers used to get their gunpowder. The gun they used wasn’t part of the attack, and may not have been part of their retreat to New York if they hadn’t been warned by Mrs. Tsarnaev.

I know politicians are deceptive and secretive, but I don’t think they’ve snuck Pressure Cooker Control into law yet. Why do Gun-Haters have to lie like this?


One follow up question, good sir, if I may. What in the blue blazes are you talking about? A BACKGROUND CHECK? For what, a Rice Cooker? Ball Bearings? How about the warnings the Russians gave us, the Youtube videos the kid was posting, and the fact that he was flying to a hot bed of terrorism activity YET was on welfare. Where’s your background check in that regard? I have no patience for useless people.


They used a gun to kill the MIT cop. He is saying a background check would have prevented that gun from being bought and used. <br>
I am not aware of ANY info on how that gun was purchased…but of course…anyone who wants a gun CAN get one with no checks whatsoever…and anyone who buys from a gun dealer…gets checked. Doesn’t seem to make much difference…and IF they had tried to buy a gun…the kid could certainly have passed the background check as a citizen with no legal or mental issues in his background. <br>As it stands…the SERIAL NUMBERS on the gun are reported as “obliterated”. Sounds like someone who was concerned with background checks. [/sarc]<br>
Neither guy had a license for the gun as required in Massachusetts towns. So they were already breaking THAT law. Why would one suppose they would not have broken the background check law if need be. If we passed a pressure cooker law…would that have stopped them?<br>
None of this of course…will prevent the libs from milking this as more gun violence that is being encouraged and supported by the Republican gun nuts like me.


Thank you Cam that clears things up


They used a gun to kill the MIT cop. He is saying a background check would have prevented that gun from being bought and used.

Carolyn Maloney, as quoted in the source article for the article linked in the OP was not that specific, however, She did not say that a background check would have saved the MIT police officer’s life:

Tamerlan, as we know now, was on the terrorist watch list, so we know a gun check would stop him, if there was a background check,” she said. “As it stands now, Tamerlan … or the next terrorist can go to any gun show and buy a hundred round magazine, they can buy all of the assault weapons they want, no questions asked.

Also in that Free Beacon article is this relevant comment:

The fact that the serial number was defaced is strong evidence the gun was purchased illegally, where background checks would clearly not apply.

A filed-off S/N is strong evidence that the Bombers obtained their gun through an illegal source; i.e. not a legal dealer sale, and not a legal sale from a non-criminal private party. And as you pointed out, Cam, they didn’t obey another of MA’s gun control laws:

Bloomberg reported the brothers didn’t apply for Massachusetts gun permits, as required by state law.

As is pointed out so often, gun control laws don’t hinder law-breakers, because disobeying laws is their career and lifestyle.


Lets see our government checked them out and two foreign governments warned our government about them and our government let them go. Now if only these two had been blue eyed, white or a kid, they would have been right on it.


Ha ha ha,

So this Represenative Carolyn “baloney” Maloney thinks stopping them from buying guns would prevent a bombing?



I knew it was only a matter of time before gun control sneaked its way into this tragedy. Leave it to the left to politicize a terror attack on US soil.


What I find particularly objectionable is the gun-control nuts’ non-challant demeanor of exploiting whoever or whatever will put that gleam in their eyes.
They have no conscience. Worse, they then dare to act superior.