New York Fires Auditor Who Found Misuse of Sandy Recovery Funds


New York Fires Auditor Who Found Misuse of Sandy Recovery Funds
by Warner Todd Huston

17 Jan 2013, 1:24 PM PDT

No good deed goes unpunished in New York: the state has abruptly cut off a contract with the independent auditor who found that the state had been wasting federal money meant to be spent on Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

Thomas Sadowski, the fired consultant, told the Times Union that he was escorted out of the building when he visited the New York Office of Emergency Management shortly after he filed his report on November 17.

“I didn’t believe I did anything to be escorted off the premises,” Sadowski told the Times Union. “I wasn’t trying to get back at anybody or get anybody in trouble.” But Sadowski said he believed he was fired for finding the waste. “I was relieved of my duties because I identified these problems,” he said.

In his report, Sadowski found that the state was buying equipment it didn’t need but had wanted for other purposes, had bought equipment that cannot be tracked, and even lost some equipment bought.

Sadowski uncovered examples of spending that appeared to take federal money for things that had no direct connection to Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts. He also found that credit card purchases weren’t being properly tracked or accounted for.

State officials say that Sadowski exceeded his authority by conducting an audit, but Sadowski felt that part of his procurement job included accounting for and tracking the expenditures.

Can’t have bureaucrats’ stealing be exposed! This is just a “small” example of why the, “Throw money at it!” “solution” consistently does more harm than good.