New York is plagued by diploma-mill high schools


New York is plagued by diploma-mill high schools
By NY Post Editorial Board
June 30, 2016 | 8:59p

A landmark report by StudentsFirstNY just tore the mask off the supposed “success” of many city high schools: They’re graduating kids without actually teaching them.

Mayor de Blasio touts a 70 percent graduation rate as proof his policies are working.

Problem is, half the grads aren’t ready for college (or a career in the workforce). CUNY deemed only 35 percent of New York City high-school graduates college-ready last year.

The HS for Medical Professions boasts that 95 percent of students graduate — yet only 15 percent are college-ready. The UFT Charter School sports a 78 percent graduation rate, but only 11 percent are college-ready.

We don’t blame de Blasio or Fariña or even the United Federation of Teachers for all the system’s failings.

No, we blame them for their fight against reform, and all their lies and spin as they pretend everything’s just fine.

IMO, when the educrats and teacher’s unions fight and sabotage reforms - i.e. render and keep primary and secondary education worthless - it’s time to pull the plug, and for parents who can to rescue their children through private schools and homeschooling. It’s a horrible thing to admit - and making something that is better will be painful - but many public schools in many states have become dangerous and toxic indoctrination centers for PC activists, where views contrary to the activists’ are suppressed and punished.