Newt to Stump with Trump in Ohio


Newt Gingrich, who is among the finalists to become Donald Trump’s running mate, will join the presumptive nominee at his rally Wednesday afternoon in Cincinnati, Ohio, according to two sources. One person involved with the planning of Wednesday’s event — and who is close to the vice presidential vetting process — characterized the joint appearance as a “trial balloon” to gauge media coverage of the pair as a potential GOP ticket.

Read more at: VP Watch: Newt to Stump with Trump in Ohio | National Review

With only three months to go before the election Trump has not chose a Vice president and perhaps now we will see some results. Gingrich will be scrutinized and all his faults will be paraded relentlessly by the media while soft balling Hillary who has not chosen a running mate.

By all rights Hillary should be in Jail and the latest outrage of the government thumping their nose at the public to letting her escape her wrong doings should help the Donald gain more supporters.


For some reason, Trump isn’t getting his free campaign of 24/7 coverage. He had better get cracking.


Trump is currently being defined in stone by the 24/7 ads being run by Hillary and her acolytes. On the other hand, Trump is too politically tone deaf to understand that drawing a few thousand people to one of his rallies is not really a campaign - it’s entertainment that supplies his detractors with counterproductive sound bites. He is not raising the money it takes to counter these ads in front of a national audience.

Watching and listening to him is like subjecting oneself to summer TV reruns. He does not have the skill or the acumen to make a coherent case - one that seems likely to elicit appeal from people not making up his base - and his base isn’t large enough to elect him. Republicans in tight congressional races are afraid to endorse a loose cannon - an individual prone to making profoundly bombastic statements.

At this moment in time I think a Trump victory is unlikely. I think it more likely Hillary will be elected - along with the possibility of seeing a Democrat majority elected to the Senate - a body that if under Democrat control would solidify her SCOTUS appointments.

Hey, many Republicans wanted an inarticulate flamethrower with Progressive tendencies and they got their wish. That anyone could be running behind - even seemingly losing ground - to the most incompetent and deceitful candidate the Democrats have ever nominated is amazing.

We’re likely headed to Obama 2.0 with a Supreme Court that will supply Clinton and her fellow Progressives with the necessary “muscle” necessary to complete the “fundamental transformation of America”.