NFL denies Cowboys' request to wear decal honoring fallen Dallas officers


NFL denies Cowboys’ request to wear decal honoring fallen Dallas officers | Fox News This is a shame. Jerry Jones was fully supportive of this and helped to create the decal.


Oh they will boycott NC for their supposed bigoted transgender bill but when it comes to honor police who died protecting citizens it a no-no. What a sorry organization.


The NFL is in total alignment with the FAR LEFT and have been for years. $$$$ says a decal “BLM” would be fine, so would the Green star and moon of the Muslims…


When then Fox News co-host Jane Skinner flirted non stop with the flaming homosexual Shephard Smith that may have been barking up the wrong tree. It is my opinion that although I don’t condone flirting outside of marriage, or sympathize with homosexuals, that no matter how much sugar Smith has in the tank, he is at least one hundred times the man of Roger Goodell, Skinner’s husband. Goodell has single handedly destroyed the NFL over the last few years.


I’m not going to go on a tangent about the NFL as I really don’t follow it very closely. I do know that I hope that the Cowboys produce a large event and
pre-game celebration to honour these fallen officers.

They died protecting the citizens of Dallas and upholding the constitution. The NFL cannot interfere in such a pre-game event that is held on private property. It would garner great coverage and draw further attention to the harm that this terrorist committed.

The Cowboys home opener would be the perfect opportunity to honour their families in the same manner one might honour a fallen soldier.


It’s now one more entertainment venue to ignore. Along with Holly-weird, along with the Boob Toob…let professional football go.

Get your spectator-sports jones at the local high-school games, if you must. Otherwise…the fall is a great time for long walks on country lanes.