NFL Football 2012

What do you guys think so far? I am a Packers fan, but early on I predicted a Texans-49ers Super Bowl. I am sticking by this prediction, although the 49ers got beat today. Even though it was by one of my division rivals, I am pleased the team I believe would be an NFC power house is knocked down a notch.

o_o Wait. The Vikings beat the 49ers o___________________o
I didn’t even watch when I got home, because I figured it was a done deal. And it’s too late to start now :confused: Tuesday it is.

Every year the Texans are over rated and fade down the stretch. I would be shocked if it were any different this year. It’s too early in the year for me to have any idea on Super Bowl. Some years there are clear leaders after three games. I don’t know that this is one of those years.

My Falcons finally have a chance this year. The two new coordinators are great.

Arizona, Atlanta and Houston are the only 3-0 teams remaining. Houston hasn’t beaten anybody big yet. Atlanta whupped SanDiego. Arizona has beaten New England and stomped Philly yesterday. On the evidence, they are the real deal and a big surprise to me.
I think Atlanta is a solid team and I wouldn’t count out SanFran or my Giants…but NY has a VERY tough schedule to make it back to the big top.
Other big surprises are the teams that don’t look like they are going anywhere…like the Saints, Chargers, and yes…the Packers. :smiley:

Lots of time left for teams to find themselves but it looks like there will be no runaway favorites this year. Add in the temp refs and it is going to be an interesting season.

Judging by the results in our weekly football pool this week…there are a lot of surprises in store this season!!

If the refereeing continues as it has, the entire validity of the season will come into question. Those who’ve applauded the replacement refs in the media, usually citing that absent their presence there’d be no football, and that their performance hasn’t altered the outcome of a game as yet, now have only the former to base their claims upon.

I’m not much of a unionist, though have belonged to two in my life, but I’m a strong supporter of meritocratic achievement and compensation. I do not think it too much to say that, were there better officials available the NFL would be using them. Given the obvious superiority of the unionized NFL officials as compared to the best alternative, there can be no other conclusion that they are deserving of the contracts they seek. The only case left to the NFL is for shutting the season down in their absence, due to an inability to properly officiate the games. The alternative is to believe that a multi-billion dollar enterprise can continue unaffected by ignoring its very own standards for competition.

We’ve all seen the plays, the calls and non-calls. There was even a game-changing pass interference call in the GB-Sea game before the penultimate call that decided the game. Yesterday we could have said that, despite all those calls, no game outcome has been affected. Today, we cannot. I’m rethinking my annual pilgrimage to a game in Green Bay; I’d have only myself to blame for contributing financially to something that allows NFL owners to sell a substandard product at a premium price.

I am seriously starting to believe whoever does win this year should have an asterik next to their championship. These games have almost become jokes thanks to these replacement refs. I never thought I would miss NFL referees, but I miss NFL referees. I can’t believe Goodell went to Division II schools to hire moonlighters. Why not go to the Arena League, the CFL, or retired refs from the CFL, NFL Europe, Arena league, or the NFL who wouldn’t mind coming back temporarily? These guys are incompetent and not too terribly bright. When the idiot signaled touchdown and then upheld the call after review, for me, it was like seeing Prince Pubis gavel down the Nevada delegates all over again.

There’s a thought. If the RNC ever got a new chairman and got rid of Prince Pubis, maybe he could be a replacement referee if the strike was still going on. He would fit right in!

I did find it humorous about the Packers’ guard T.J. Lang’s comments for two reasons. First, he wrote on twitter: “Got f***ed by the refs… Embarrassing. Thanks nfl.”

Later, Lang added, “F*** it NFL, Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.”

Also, I got to thinking if Lang and the rest of the offensive line did their jobs, Rodgers wouldn’t have been sacked 8 times in the first half and it might not have come down to one final play.

RW, the first half sack-fest was more a function of McCarthy’s game plan than the ‘O’ line. When it becomes apparent that you have no intention of even trying to run the ball, the defense pins its ears back and rushes the QB.

And, it didn’t come down to one play. With the lead, the Packers Eric Walden called for a phantom roughing the passer. 3rd and 35 yds to go, Seattle gets an offensive pass interference call turned into defensive pass interference on Sam Shields whom the WR had to go through to get to the ball.

Had either of those calls not been made, the game would have ended without even the opportunity for that Hail Mary pass.

The bad calls have been both ways, I don’t think there’s any reason for an asterisk yet. I don’t think there is any way they let the ref lockout go much longer, definitely won’t last till the playoffs. This year has been so unpredictable I don’t have a clue who’s going to the SB. All the favorites have looked mediocre and the standout Atlanta has a history of folding in the postseason.

I do completely agree with you on all of this. It’s so easy to blame the line, but the running game has been pretty ineffective, especially last night in the first half. I really miss Ryan Grant and I hope Starks recovers from the turf toe soon. Years ago, players played through turf toe. Benson doesn’t seem to be a speed back. He’s low to the ground and round. It’s almost like he is a short yardage back, although I realize he has rushed for 1,000 yards a few years in a row. Still, he doesn’t have the speed and zip as Starks or especially Grant. He has had a few decent runs in the last couple weeks, a little improvement, but nothing to get excited about. Also, the reason the Bengals got rid of him is his serious ball control issue.

You are correct about those two calls. I couldn’t believe the first one on 3rd and 35. The second one blew me away. The funny thing is, as much as people have talked about it since, whether in articles, tweets, or analysis today on shows on the NFL Network, they talk only about the interception/reception and who had control. They even discuss the rule of mutual control, what defines it and if it is mutual, it goes to the receiving team. They go on to agree it was NOT mutual, but the defender had more control. Anyway, what I am getting at about the funny thing, is there is very little discussion of the offensive pass interference on the final play. He shoved Shields in the back and he fell on the ground. With Shields in the play, it would have been able to be knocked down with one extra defender. The receiver may not have even gotten a hand on the ball.

Ultimately, the ball should have just been batted down in the first place.

I agree. Yes, the last two, well, three if you count the final play as two, definitely benefited the Seahawks, bad calls were made and calls were missed both ways the entire game. In fact, it has been this way in every game I watched this season, except for the Wednesday night opener in the Dallas game. Those refs were pretty good, but the others sucked. You’re right, though, it has gone both ways. My asterisk comment is about the overall poor officiating, not refs benefiting one team over another.


With all of the bad calls that have gone against my Seahawks, most notably in the Super Bowl against the Stealers, Im not even sweating monday nights game.

Gee, what a surprise.

I’d wondered where the lottery of life theory of football success had ended up, after Detroit fans abandoned it in the mid-seventies. I’d thought perhaps it had ended up in San Diego, but it appears comfortably ensconced within the Emerald City. I’ve always been more comforted by the drafting of a stud left tackle myself, but whatever gets you through the night, I suppose.

I hear stealing college traditions and trying to claim them as your own works just as good.

Now that the real refs are back does the 3 weeks with replacement refs justify an asterisk for the season?

As a Niner fan I was not pleased, nor should you be pleased because the niners were beat by YOUR divisional rivals the Vikings.

Interesting about the Texans…I have heard them mentioned but don’t know much more than Foster and Schawb. I will have to pay attention.

I predict, every year, that the Niners will go to and win the Super Bowl. Which was quite silly this past decade.

I am super glad the refs are back. The Niners got 5 timeouts this past Sunday.

I don’t think that the Packers, Giants, or Cowboys will make the playoffs. And I think that there very well could be some new faces in the AFC as well.

No, there is still enough of the season to be salvaged.

Yeah, I was not pleased to see the Vikings win that game, although I like Percy Harvin. It may be difficult for the Giants and Cowboys to make the playoffs. They are tied for first in their division, but the Redskins may be able to hold it together better over the long haul of the season. If so, the Cowboys and Giants will have to rely on the wild card and I believe there are enough contenders who are likely to have better records and will get the two spots. The Packers will win their division, but the test will be to see if they get a first round bye.

There’s more than a bit of Pack-9er rivalry from the Montana-Favre and Favre-Young years. The past decade has been painful for 9er fans, and Smith has been on both sides of the pain. It’s been interesting - last year and this - to see how much difference coaching staff seems to have made in Smith’s performance.