NFL Owners vote to "fine" players who refuse to honor the flag

Apparently NFL owners voted to fine players who refuse to stand in respect for the flag and national anthem. BS. What that amounts to is PAYING players to pretend they are patriotic, and it isn’t going to save the NFL…at least not from my indifference and the growing indifference of tens of thousands of other American patriots. If the owners had taken IMMEDIATE and severe action the FIRST time this happened, they might have saved their phony-baloney jobs and franchises. Instead, they were afraid to anger some of their players and a minority of their fans and hemmed and hawed until it became epidemic as black (and a few white) players jumped on the stupid “protest” bandwagon. Worst of all, the whole thing was based on a vicious lie propounded by the left…that police are mostly racists because most of those they arrest are minorities–ignoring the FACT that minorities commit the VAST majority of urban crimes outside of the white-collar variety. Minorities comprise a bit over 25% of the population but commit 70% of all murders, muggings, armed robberies and an even higher percentage of drug offenses.

I’ve never been a sports fan, but the NFL really lost me when they (along with the NCAA and Disney) pressured North Carolina to allow perverts into girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

PD…You’re hilarious. First your mad because they are allowed to kneel, now you’re mad that they are standing but being paid. Your reasoning is that they should have acted more quickly, which begs the question…What difference would it have made, wouldn’t they have still been paying players to feign patriotism?

There are people on the right and the left that aren’t happy unless they are bitching about the “other side”. You truly fall into that category.

As far as your statistics, I wouldn’t deny they are accurate at face value, however, I would point out that there is a difference between “commit crimes” and “convicted of crimes”. I would agree that blacks and other minorities are convicted at a much higher rate, but that doesn’t mean the numbers reflect the number of actual crimes, just who is caught and punished for them.

There has been research that was done that shows, in the case of drugs, that whites use certain drugs at the same rates at non-whites AND make up about 75% of the population (or 62% if you don’t include so-called “white Hispanics”) yet blacks are arrested and convicted at much higher rates.

Now, I’m not saying that blacks don’t commit more murders than whites, especially when accounting for demographics…I’m just saying there is more to the story that you are willing to overlook.

There is the case of Robert H. Richards IV, one of the heirs to the du Pont fortune who admitted to raping his 3-year old daughter.

Richards was originally charged with two counts of second-degree rape but accepted a last-minute plea deal on fourth-degree rape charges, a class C violent felony that usually comes with over two years of jail time. Prosecutors sought only probation, and Judge Jan Jurden agreed, sentencing him to an 8-year prison sentence but commuting all the prison time in favor of probation. The Delaware judge sentenced a wealthy heir to probation after he admitted he had raped his 3-year old daughter, saying the rich white man would “not do well” in prison.

Maybe rich white men shouldn’t rape 3-year-olds?

I’m curious, in the annals of American justice, do you think there is a case of a black man raping a 3-year old where the prosecution didn’t seek the maximum sentence (never mind that all of his jail time was commuted).

Yes, this is anecdotal and it doesn’t, on its own, prove racial bias, but to my knowledge, the white majority in this country really doesn’t want to know the facts, they are happier reporting high-level statistics without any critical consideration.

Can you find a case where a black man raped a 3-year-old? Sure, I bet you can, what I bet you won’t find is a judge and prosecution willing to slap him on the wrist for it, regardless of his past? I doubt it…

I’d be willing to bet, if such statistics existed that whites when compared to blacks with similar backgrounds, get lesser sentences than their black counterparts.

It is cases like this, where whites, especially wealthy whites get favorable treatment that makes blacks angry. Now I agree that the black community has a lot of soul searching to do inside their own communities and they are certainly part of their own problem and the implicit statement of BLM is that blacks only have a problem because of whites is ridiculous, but as I said, there is more to the story, n both sides of this issue than you or many BLM supporters are willing to come to terms with.

In my law enforcement career, I investigated rapes committed by both blacks and whites. They were treated precisely the same. I never had a case of someone raping a 3-year-old, but, if I had, I strongly suspect that person wouldn’t have even made it to trial…regardless of race.

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I noticed you ignored the fact that whites and blacks tend to use drugs at the same rate, but blacks, especially when you consider the fact they only make up 15% of the overall population, tend to get caught and convicted at higher rates than whites.

Indeed. They’ll still hate the crown regardless of whether they are forced to bend the knee. Better to just let them say and demonstrate what they believe and then for us to respond as we think appropriate by speaking out against them or quitting as NFL consumers – or if you agree, supporting them.

How do you know this?

I’m not disputing this btw. You can actually support something like these claims from mainstream media sources.

Do you have a source? Does it consider class as well as race? How does it look when you consider the economic class of the offender?

If true, why are blacks arrested more often? Is it because rates of other types of crimes, the kind involving victims, are higher among them? Or not?

Not exactly that. But round these parts, the law is applied fairly equally. Rich folks get better lawyers and maybe have an advantage. Plea bargaining is common no matter who you are, and just about everyone gets access to a deal that ends with a much softer sentence. I’m concerned about how many poor folk just take a deal even when innocent – I don’t think it’s a high percentage, but I worry about. One of the harshest sentences I’ve ever seen involved a white male and a 6-year-old girl. He confessed, cooperated and took a much harsher sentence than I think is typical in similar cases.

There are lots of theories on this. One of them states that Blacks are more likely to sell outdoors than whites, but honestly, I don’t know if that’s what makes the difference.

The league is well within its rights to mandate respectful conduct from it’s employees while on ‘company time’ and ‘company property’ (yeah, I know, the league doesn’t own the stadiums or the teams, hence the scare quotes, but it’s all under contract). I think ‘stay in the locker room with that’ is a perfectly fair compromise. The players are not forced into an expression they don’t agree with, no further damages is done to viewership, and staying in the locker room makes the same point less offensively.

I’d be willing to bet the players contracts have language in the boilerplate that would allow the team’s to mandate their respectful presence for the anthem or for the imposition of fines for failure to do so.

It may surprise you, but I agree 100%. And I can even fix the “ownership” issue you pointed out.

The NFL is a franchise just like McDonalds. Just because a McDonalds is privately owned, the franchises still have to work within a set of rules to maintain their franchise. So while I think there is a legitimate issue regarding social equality (a point we may disagree on), I think the NFL as a franchise has the legal right to require those that participate in it to maintain a certain code of conduct.

However, having said that, I think that the NFL was also within its right to allow players to protest last season.

I read somewhere that part of the fuss is about how the NFL instituted the rule. I read that they have a contractual obligation to involve the players union, but to be honest I didn’t read the whole story, so there could be more that I missed.

I agree with both of you.

Nope. Social inequality exists, sure as shootin’. I see it every day. Where we are going to disagree is the causes and solutions.



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Social inequality has existed throughout human history–all the way back to cavemen. Those who were good hunters were given status and respect and those who were crappy at it–or didn’t WANT to do it, weren’t.

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I thought you were old, but caveman days! DAM!

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You have no idea how old I am!:sunglasses:

I think I heard you say you were in your 70’s?

But I thought you believe that all conservatives are liars???

No, no, no…Not all of them. Where would you get that idea…Just you!


So now I"M the only Republican “liar?”