NFL Owners vote to "fine" players who refuse to honor the flag


I realize that your tongue was probably in your cheek, but it would probably be better not to go this direction.


Come on guys, lighten up…I was joking.


And, considering the source, I wasn’t offended. We have LOTS of screwball posts on the internet.


I realize that (which is why I mentioned your tongue in your cheek), but it’s awkward and can lead to unhelpful tension, even when someone understands the intended humor in their mind (because the heart doesn’t always follow).


In regards to the OP:

Good. I’m glad to hear it. I’d be fired for acting like a clown like these “professional” athletes.

How does this affect me? Not one bit. I don’t watch football. The only sports to me involve firearms or fishing poles. Beyond that, I’m not interested.


The only time I’m ever offended by something posted here is when the post has an element of TRUTH and virtually NOTHING that csbrown28 posts meets that criterium.


Just when I think we’re having a bonding moment, you ruin it.



“Bonding moment?” That’s about as delusional as most of your posts.


Wanna go fish’in? I bet Devilneck will go.


Probably only if he’s fishin’ for 'gators and you’re the bait! :wink:


No tags this year. I haven’t for many years since I don’t have a boat. I assist when asked, but it’s been a while.

So, mainly redfish, speckled trout, flounder and green trout (bass) lately.


I used to hunt and fish in my healthier years. I particularly loved to fish.


They used to tell us that sports build character . . .


They DID…until winning at all costs superseded everything else and those with low character, but could out-run, out-jump or out-mass most everyone else were routinely given a “pass.”


I think what some of you are missing here is this: The owners and the league (NFL-grantor of the city’s/owner’s franchise) are running a business.

Some of their employees (players) are behaving in a way that is costing their employers revenue/patrons. These employees are demonstrating while on the field of play - the workplace provided them by their employer - and they are demonstrating while “on duty” and while in the uniform representing the team.

Labor law is quite clear: Employers are within their rights to discipline employees behaving contrary to the lawful interests of their employer while on company time and/or at the workplace.

Failure to comply leaves the employee open to disciplinary action.


True, but in this case, many of the owners are leftists and support the players.

Therefore, (if I actually did watch football) I find a reason to not watch.


You’re correct, Devilneck, many of the owners are leftists. That fact, and the fact that many owners are CS and feared reprisals from their players, are the reasons owners didn’t clamp down on this behavior a year ago when it became readily apparent the teams were not filling seats and, thus, suffering from diminished revenue - not to mention the fact that fewer butts in the seats/fans tuning out/fan anger threatened to upset sponsorships/TV revenue.

The NFL, in the form of Goodell - is cut from the same cloth as many of the owners. He finally had to take action or anger so many fans that revenues would be even more dramatically impacted.

Once again we see a real-life situation where money (revenue) talks and BS walks.

All that said, IMHO, the bottom line is this: the players have every right to lawfully demonstrate and the NFL, the owners and the public has every right to lawfully respond.