NFL Week 7

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The Packers went into a “prevent” offense, which is never, ever a good strategy in the playoffs. They took their foot off the gas instead of playing to win.
Play to not lose, and you’ll lose most every time.
[/quote] I didn’t/couldn’t actually watch them do it this time, but sadly I agree with you. Occasionally McCarthy leaves me thinking, “you know better than that…”

“Play to not lose, and you’ll lose most every time.” Hmm, might even apply to our war against terrorism…

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I really didn’t care who won, but was dismayed to watch the Packers blow a 19-0 lead in basically 15 minutes and lose spectacularly.
[/quote] yep, I made the right decision. breathing oxygen from the air is so much pleasanter than breathing it through a tube.

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Nathan Crosby, the kicker, was the ONLY player to show up yesterday. He almost beat the Seahawks single handedly, but in the e d he needed a couple other players to show up, but nobody was interested.
[/quote] but, still, they almost won… (sigh)

Life in General, I think.

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Pat’s fan or not, how does ANY team pull off such a stunt as deflating the ball?

I mean, even if the OTHER team doesn’t get its hands on the ball, the REFS sure do.
Wouldn’t they…like…notice?

Would you mind filling me in on the details of this latest debacle? I’ve only heard bits and pieces.
When did the accusation start? During the game, or later?
Who accused? The Colts? The Refs? Someone aside?
How did the Pat’s get 'found out?'
When did they get 'found out? Before the game ended, or after? How long after?

Am I being a pita?

True. Tom Landry, as much as I admired his innovation, used to drive me nuts by going into “prevent” mode. The “prevent defense” was HIS baby, after all, as were the “flex” and “nickel” defenses.

So from what i’ve read on it…

The Refs inspected the Footballs pre-game and they were all okay and regulation. During the game Tom Brady threw an interception to Colts Linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, who noticed the ball had low pressure and handed it to his position Coach. The Coach handed it to the HC, who handed it to the GM and they alerted the Officials. The Officials then found multiple balls from the Patriots side that were all deflated.

My guess is it’ll be sweeped under the rug. Roger Goodell swept Spygate under the drug, made that tape the Pats had of the St. Rams Super Bowl walk through vanish and buried the Steelers team Physician shipping quarter of a million dollars per month in steroids and hgh to the teams facilities under the rug so this one no doubt will be brushed under the rug as well.

Meanwhile the NFL has become as big of a joke as the NBA with the rampant cheating and politics.

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Marty Schottenheimer was notorious for that garbage as well. Twice he had Elway on the ropes and just had to finish him off but instead hopped into Prevent and without fail, prevented his Browns from going to the Super Bowl.

How sad it has all become. I used to rule MNF’s “You Make the Call.” Quit watching for quite a while. Lost a lot of interest over so many guys deserving to be behind bars, not out on a professional field of any kind.
When I started watching last year once again, I hardly recognized the rules, and it looked more like touch football w/a bunch of gansta rappers out on the field. To see the way they acted for doing what they were paid to do was much to take. Still, I didn’t know it’d gotten as bad as you describe.

Thanks for the details, though. Do 'preciate it.
Doubt I’ll bother watching the Super Bowl. The ads stink anymore, anyway.

Update: The NFL discovered 11 out of 12 of the Patriots Footballs were all under inflated exactly 2lbs each. There’s no way to claim the Weather caused 11/24 Footballs in the Stadium to deflate to an exact number. Point blank: The Patriots, yet AGAIN have cheated their way to the Super Bowl. I doubt the NFL will do anything about it, we ARE after all talking about the same NFL that fabricates rules out of thin(“Tuck Rule”) air to protect Tom Brady and reverse his mistakes and the same NFL that allowed the Pats to break every rule in the book to cheat a 16-0 season, along with Spygate.

The NFL is corrupt and besides the Pats and Steelers getting away with everything you’re right, the NFL is plagued with criminal human garbage and I am done with them.

Update #3: This same situation happened against the Colts in November and was reported at that time as well… And apparently covered up.

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The NFL is corrupt and besides the Pats and Steelers getting away with everything
[/quote]Yeah, the Dan Rooney period saw a decline in the integrity of that team.

I’ve been a fan ever since those guys were losers (known as the “lovable losers”) in the 60’s and early 70’s.

Why? I’m not sure, but I think it had to do with the original owner, Art Rooney Sr., affectionately known by the team as “The Chief”:

That’s him, of course, on January 12, 1975, the beginning of the Steelers dynasty, accepting the Super Bowl Lombardy Trophy from Commissioner Rozelle.

The old man was a cigar chomping ex-amateur boxer, and had what my high school Principal would have called . . . MOXIE.

The cigar, the coke-bottle glasses, and the gravely voice were classics . . . how in the world he could have sired today’s wimp that was the Obama ambassador to Ireland, I have no idea.

I think the “Chief” would be rolling over in his grave (he died in 1988) if he knew his son was a BHO person. Dan: “When I think of Barack Obama’s America I have great hope. I support his candidacy and look forward to his Presidency.” What a bum!!!

I mean what the heck did Dan Rooney know about Ireland’s conflicts . . . the why etc.? Other than having an Irish last name, he is qualified for what else besides NFL ownership?

Where, BTW, he came up with the “Rooney Rule” which requires that NFL teams with head coach and general manager vacancies interview at least one minority candidate. How the heck does that qualify you to be an Ambassador?

Oh . . . wait a minute. He was the co-founder of the Ireland-related fundraising organization The Ireland Funds.

Yeah, that’s it . . . that’s what qualifies him. ~sarcasm~

Oh . . . wait a minute again. He’s got a degree in accounting.

Yeah, that’s it . . . that’s what qualifies him. ~sarcasm~

Is it any wonder that he’s corrupt and led the team into corruption when he’s so intimately connected with the King of Corruption?

It’s pretty sad as they went from a storied dynasty to a team known for indiscretions and coverups. I used to hold a ton of respect for the Steelers until the whole Dr. Rydze scandal the NFL covered up 8 or 9 years ago. On one hand my inner Libertarian could care less about individuals choosing what to inject into their bodies, when a Team Physician is busted ordering black market Steroids from the same underground labs as Bonds, Canseco and those guys it goes beyond a guy here or there taking something of their own free will. I have no respect for Junior Rooney and his hardcore leftist, cheater offspring.

Well, you CAN’T be a hard-core leftist and NOT approve of cheating.


Actually, I quit paying much attention to pro sports of ANY sort some years ago when I realized that too many players were over-paid prima donnas without any fan loyalty whatsoever and a fair percentage were only out of jail because of their athletic “talents.”

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speaking of over-paid… let’s not forget the coaches.


I realize there is a rationale: these coaches are money machines for their colleges and for their states, they bring in far more than they are paid, so it’s a win win. should we buy it?

That’s one reason I won’t watch NFL, and is why I gave up on my NCAA Team, actually. Ohio State garnered their reputation by being a team full of Intelligent, classy players. The current Ohio State Athletics looks like a Democrat rally, braindead trash speaking in Ebonics about how they came to play Sports, not study in class and learn anything. The fact that Ohio State did absolutely nothing about that and didn’t kick the backup QB off their squad for saying that on Twitter tells me all I need to know about that classless University.

It was hard for me, as a Gators fan, to see Urban Meyer win a national championship with another team. I even realized I never saw him get that pumped up on the sidelines with Florida as he did with Ohio State. Not that I would know, but it seemed like watching a cheating spouse. The plays at the end with going for it on 4th and 1 rather than a field goal and after getting the 1st down on a penalty punching it in to run up the score seemed low class.

Uban Meyer is a classless chump, just like the ghetto trash he’s filled the Buckeyes roster with.