Nightmare on the Border

So yeah I hear you guys talking about the border a lot and I looked up the data and the current crisis under the bridge. I look to my faith and say were all Children of God and the Bible says to treat the immigrant as your own. I have no idea what to do here.

A friend asked me how many is too many and I said I didn’t have a number off of my head. 208k in a time where we usually get 53k in the middle of a pandemic. The situation right now has been to manage a camp under the bridge. Do we renegotiate treaties on Asylum? Do we do psychological vetting?

Child separation is a bridge too far to me as a father. We’ve been doing camps and facilities and that’s kind of Nazi-esque but I feel we have no better solution. If I claimed asylum in Canada let’s say I was politically targeted I’d be waiting in a detention facility so that sounds at least fair. The Mexico Asylum thing didn’t hold up.

I know your gonna dog on me for this but I think climate change and the pandemic play a huge role of this. As well as mass communications they can see our worst off living better than them so they only have up to go. Europe is being run over by Afghans so are we.

When it was just Latinos, and it was work visas and Bush really had a plan, I miss those days we missed an opportunity there. I feel like there is no moral way out of this without getting either overrun or looking like monsters.

You deserve to be dogged. Climate change is an excuse to push socialism. Communist China is the biggest carbon producer on the planet and yet you never here a peep from the Democrats about them. China can say they are going change a decade from now while they keep building coal generating plants to overtake us economically.

You what really got this going? It was the Democrats promise to give the illegals everything they want for nothing. When at one of the presidential primary debates they were asked, “Do you support health care for illegal aliens?” every hand went up.

Do American citizens have any rights? Do people who work hard and play by the rules have the right to enjoy what they have earned, or you do think it should be taken from them so that the Democrat Party can grow its base to win every election?

Do you think that American citizens should have protection from drug dealers, gang bangers, child molesters and violent criminals? Do you think that MS-13 members and terrorists should be let into the country with no vetting at all? Do think that American citizens should be harassed about masks and vaccines while the illegals come in here and get bused and flown all over the country to spread the disease? Do you think that our schools should be overwhelmed thousands of illegal alien children who can’t speak the language while our schools are failing to educate our own children?

Do you give a damn about the country, or do you only care about the Democrat Party?

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We need to decouple from China for so many reasons Climate is one of them. Human rights Violations Second. Quit feeding the Chinese beast update the trading with the enemy act.

I noticed that was an omen but it was base pandering. Biden who’s hand went up just shut down the border today. You want everyone to have a free pony all hands go up.

Green card Holders Can’t Vote this piece in the Atlantic is proof that immigration hurts the Democratic Party at the polls:
Biden wouldn’t have shut down the border I wouldn’t be raising alarm if I thought this was some kind of Good Omen.

A resounding no and no Democrat not a single one wants MS-13 in our country even other actual gangsters fear and hate Ms-13. Child molesters are human garbage we ought to export them to 3rd world countries as indentured servants.

I love this country with all my heart that’s why I am concerned about this Crisis. I think the Democratic Party never had a solution on this issue. Just like the GOP has no or very bad solutions on the working poor. Honestly if I was Chuck Shumer I’d just hand the pen over to you guys, and find 10 democrats who would vote for harsher immigration reform. Just because you guys are experts on this stuff and were stupid doesn’t mean we want or condone this. When we say we don’t want a wall it’s because it fails to work and doesn’t deter immigration its a big sinkhole. Not because we think mass illegal immigration is just wonderful.

I used to be hella stupid on the gun issue until I went to a range and got educated. It’s a tool like a hammer or a drill. You can kill a man with a drill its messy inconvenient but its still a tool. Man has been hunting, defending his family, his town, he people since the beginning of time its one of our better angels of our nature, and those cowardly active shooters give men a bad name,

I wish he would. Under LEGAL immigration, the United States has been allowing more new people into this country and any other country in the world. Yet, according to the Democrats, we have to let EVERYBODY in, except for the Cubans who wanted to get away from their communist government.

There was a time when I thought that Schumer could be a deal maker who could help make government work. Now it seems he’s totally under spell of Pelosi, AOC and the rest of The Squad.

AOC and the Squad are communists. There is no other accurate way to describe them. When the Cuban people were demanding freedom after years of slavery under the Castro Regime, AOC and company were totally silent. They wanted to Cuban Government to continue, and if that involved killing and imprisoning people to stay in power, that was okay with them.

Trump had the solution to poverty. It’s called jobs, full employment, innovation and freedom. It’s not sexy for big government activists, but it’s the formula that works. When the capitalism is working, there is money for safety nets for people who are unemployed or mentally or physically impaired. When the socialists are in charge, the economy sucks all the time. It’s the leaders of the socialist government that do well.

AOC and the SQUAD are communists as Much as trump was an ACTUAL NAZI.
He wasn’t and neither are they but its easier when we dehumanize our opposition rather than see them as human beings like us. Take a walk its a beautiful day get away from the news.

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The biggest thing with Romans 13:7 it’s used in context with the rest of the Bible at one point it will be Law to get the mark to buy or sell do we obey such law. What about laws that required people in the Soviet Union to turn in Christians. Romans 13:7 is very complex and has to be taken in the whole of the scripture. I ask the Lord for clarity on this issue. The Christian in me says give me your poor hungry and tired your heavy burden and overly yoked. The Democrat in me says this looks like hell for the election if we get blamed for a border crisis. So I’m conflicted I step away and let the world do as it pleases as the rain falls on the righteous and unrighteous alike. I am not a CBP agent, I am not the president I am a single citizen and like Gotquestions said its a complex issue. I’m not saying there is an easy answer. My answer is I have no idea what to do. Are these people leaving Haiti hurting the people who are staying by taking their talents with them? They have to be the most able of Haitians to immigrate here are they denying their fellow Christians in Haiti by denying their presence there. It’s really complicated like you said. I’ve spoke with the lord about this today and I get the feeling this is way above my pay grade.

@Unitedwestand, You disagree with AOC and the Squad on a regular basis. They devise and push many of the bad policies that make Democratic Party what it has become. Their god father is Bernie Sanders who calls himself a socialist. If you don’t like labels, fine, but don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

So far as “Take a nice walk and get away from the news,” is concerned, I am not going to stick my head in the sand and let your party turn this country into a hellhole without a fight. You will not shut me up.

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I was suggesting you know getting away from the tv for five minutes or so stretching your calves seeing n nature it brings things into perspective. You always have these default talking point answers with no conjecture or structural analysis. I’m proud I buck my party you act like its a bad thing to question the official record. You eat and regurgitate party talking points like a bird feeding its yong bro. I read somewhere that like 30% of people need structure and are prone to repeating talking points instead of adding actual conjecture. There is this one old lady on the steering committee here and I swear its like one of those press a button get an official Democratic Party response robots.

No, I don’t “eat bird seed.” I am not happy with the Texas abortion law. If you read my posts, you would know that I am pro-choice, within reason.

You have no idea what I do other than post here. I am published author who gets paid.

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I Knew It! :wink:

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I was describing the way a bird feeds it’s young. It grinds up bits of carrion in ones mouth, and then spits it into the mouth of their young. A good writer could understand what was being conveyed. You know the way we expect to experience the world alters how we feel about it, and act in regards to it.

If you’re acting on the feeling that someone cares, and they don’t or if they in fact despise you. It’s going to lead to psychological disturbance, or a common dispute. Now one can try, and shut this out but theres almost a biological urge to be vindicated. In regards their own personal constitution, unless shown they are obviously wrong.

I hope you understand its quite impossible to engage with someone that sticks to talking points, and refuses to enter into analytical conjecture regarding a dispute. The fact that you almost parrot back talking points is infuriating for the debating mind.

So your mind conjures up bird seed, and I start to question the intellect of the person I am talking to. I wonder how they’ve became a paid writer? Yet somehow I am stuck radiographing parts for an automotive distributor. I guess it would be better to be the best industrial radiographer, and have respect from ones peers than be quite possibly the worst writer.

I took technical writing at Northwestern I don’t pride myself on my skills, but I don’t lack in them as much as you appear to do. Now that being said, may I see a larger piece of published work? I’d like to see why or how it might profit someone to pay you to write.

If anyones had a 2012-2021 Fiat Chrysler America vehicle fail due to oil leakage issues don’t blame me its the only of the big three that fails to have their oil pumps radiographed. Yet it asks the company I work for to make them mainly for their more premium models. Ford and GM ask that we radiograph oil pumps. You can’t eye a pump, and says looks good. It’s a joke they even perform QA on them.

Oh 4 most common problems on a FCA engine and number 4 is oil pumps hmm I wonder why.

This post is so unlike most of the other stuff you have written, it makes wonder if this name is a cover for multiple people.

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1 How so?
2 Then why not come here legally?
3 I’m thinking that many or even most of the Afghans who come here are going to end up being more American than many of the many-generations products of our colleges and universities.

Why? On what basis do you defend abortion under any circumstances?

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Most of published stuff is 2,000 to 2,500 words. That’s too long for a venue like this. I also won’t put something here for which I have been paid.

Here is writing sample for you. It was for my local coin club. You can dump on it if you like. There are plenty of others who enjoy my work.

“The Constitution and the Freedom of the Seas”

A little over ten years ago, I acquired a presidential campaign token which featured Lewis Cass, who was the 1848 Democratic Party presidential nominee. All Lewis Cass tokens are scarce to rare, and I was especially pleased to find this piece, which was a variety that is seldom seen.

Don’t feel badly if you have never heard of Lewis Cass. Despite the fact that he had a long record of public service in the 19th century, he lost the 1848 presidential election to Zachary Taylor. Therefore, his name has been relegated the list of presidential campaign also rans.

The obverse of the token features the usual bust of the candidate with his name, “Gen. Lewis Cass.” Although Cass had no real military record, presidential candidates frequently invented one for themselves in the 19th century, following in the footsteps of George Washington and Andrew Jackson, who had impressive military records.

The reverse features the slogan, “The constitution and the freedom of the seas,” which confused me. It seemed like these words would have been more appropriate for the War of 1812. That war started after the British initiated the practice of boarding American ships on the high seas to force American sailors to serve in their navy. Actually, the slogan referred a historically obscure issue that cropped up during the presidential campaign.

In 1807 Great Britain outlawed the slave trade on British ships from Africa. British sea captains who were caught transporting captives were fined of ₤100 per slave. To enforce that law, the British Navy formed the West African Squadron which patrolled the African coast in search of violators.

One ruse that rogue slave transporters used to justify their activities was to fly the U.S. flag because the United States still allowed slavery within its borders. Ironically, the U.S. had joined the British in ending the export of slaves from Africa to the United States in 1808. Therefore, ships flying the American flag could not bring slaves into the United States legally, but the trade continued.

In 1841, the British Government sent Lord Ashburton to The United States to negotiate a treaty. His assignment was to address political differences between the U.S. and Britain and to facilitate economic trade. Lord Ashburton asked secretary of state, Daniel Webster, to allow British officials to board vessels flying the American flag that were suspected of transporting slaves illegally. In 1842, the United States and Britain signed a treaty that included a provision for that police action. In what some historians have called pure demagoguery, presidential candidate Lewis Cass strongly opposed this measure during his 1848 campaign. He compared the policy to the root cause of the War of 1812.

Lewis Cass was from Michigan. Prior to his run for president, he had had a long record of public service. He had been a member of the House of Representatives, Governor of the Michigan Territory, before it became a state, for 18 years, secretary of war, ambassador to France and a United States Senator from Michigan. Following his defeat in the presidential election, he went back to the Senate. At the end of his career, he served as the secretary of state in the James Buchanan administration from 1857 until December 1860.

If one considers Thomas Jefferson to be founder of the Democratic Party, Cass was only the second Democrat to lose a presidential race between 1800 and 1856 and the only Democratic candidate who would not be elected president for at least one term. His campaign medalets are rare, and only one variety, LC 1848-5 is seen with any regularity.

There are two token varieties that mention the Cass “freedom of the seas” campaign slogan. Both of them are rare. LC 1848-4, the piece I purchased, is almost always struck on the “proofed flans.” Political items experts cite these pieces as restrikes (pieces made from the original dies at a later date) that were issued circa 1860. LC 1848-6 is so rare the Doyle DeWitt, who wrote the book on 19th century presidential campaign tokens, had never seen one. I saw one in an auction more than 20 years ago. At the time the high bid was over $1,000, and since I was running a business on shoestring, I could not afford to bid on it. The lettering on the piece was odd and crude. Heritage auctioned a second example a couple of years ago. It sold for $2,000.

Unlike coins, many tokens and medals have an interesting story surrounding them. I hope that you have enjoyed this one.

The most common 1848 Lewis Cass presidential campaign token, LC 1848-5

This is rare piece, LC 1848-6. The photos are courtesy of Heritage Auctions, HA.COM.

Any woman who has been raped should never be required to take that child to term. The same goes for incest. Some of the anti-abortion people agree with this stand.

As for the rest, my position has been strongly influenced by my mother. Her mother had a bad kidney condition. Doctors advised her not to get pregnant again. When she did, they urged her to get an abortion. She didn’t for religious reasons. This was in the late 1920s. Within four years, she was dead. My mother lost her mother when she was 16.

You will get even angrier with me. I agree with the aborting a deformed fetus. That choice should be up the family, their doctors, their moral values and yes, their religion. It is not a matter for the government to be involved. Not all religions oppose abortion.

I oppose very late term abortion except when the life of the mother is involved. And I strongly oppose infanticide as it was presented by the lamentable Governor of Virginia.

I had 2 Redbulls when I wrote that. Sometimes I more casual when I write right after my sleeping tablet.