NJ Political Shake-Up:


Don’t count on it happening. Senator Bob Mendendez as already survived a recall effort, an FBI investigation while Chris Christie was U.S. Attorney, Tom Kean JR and Joe Kyrillos. There’s little reason, so far, to think Menendez won’t survive his latest scandals involving illegal campaign donations and gifts, a sex offender illegal immigrant intern and allegations of engaging with prostitutes and underage girls in the Dominican Republic.Why would Menedez resign? It’s not as if he tweeted nude pictures of himself, or anything as bad as that.

What if Menendez resigns or is expelled from the Senate? | Opinion - Conservative

As you all should know by now, with my criticisms for Paulbots and their unlikely wishful thinking. I take unlikely scenarios with a grain of salt. I can’t help but shake my head in disbelief at the current whispers going on in NJ (where I live). You don’t know how powerful politicians are in your state until you find them in a scandal that could send NJ into a state of chaos!

The White House has refused to answer any questions about the on-going FBI investigation. Top Democrats like Harry Reid are sticking up for Menedez for now… However, top NJ Democrats are quietly wondering if the allegations are true. NJ Democrats are worried if this is true, but they are looking for political gain in 2014. Sen. Frank Lautenberg said that if the allegations are true, “It would be too bad.”

White House refuses to comment on Menendez reports | The Daily Caller

Lautenberg: Menendez Allegations ‘Too Bad’ If True | TPM LiveWire

Republicans would be in supreme power for if Menendez is expelled from the Senate Christie would probably appoint Joe Kyrillos. Democrats would be looking forward to supplant Cory Booker into Menendez’s spot in 2014.

As beforeitsnews states:

But if Menendez’s seat in the Senate were to become vacant this year, it would put New Jersey politics into a fabulous turmoil that would be fun to cover and generate unprecedented blog traffic.


Booker is gonna challenge 89 year old Lautenberg if this doesn’t work out.
Latest news is that Geraldo Rivera is thinking about running as a Republican for Lautenbergs’ seat. Who knew Geraldo was a Republican??? :rofl:


Why would Lautenberg run for reelection and who would even vote for him, what are the chances he lives until the end of the next term?


Cam I just saw this!!! It would be refreshing to have Rivera in the senate despite his libertarian leanings. As much as I hate for libertarians to jump onto the Republican ticket, I would vote for Rivera because he is about the only Libertarian I respect at this point.


:coffee_spray::rofl: Rivera learned his Libertarianism from the contents of Capone’s safe.


What exactly do you not like abaout Rivera’s libertarian view points? He is actually the only libertarian that spreads its message in a way that people can understand outside of election season. He’s also a Ron Paul supporter.


Rivera is a Progressive. He’s never met a tax increase he hasn’t liked.


[quote=“jjf3rd77, post:6, topic:38029”]
What exactly do you not like abaout Rivera’s libertarian view points? He is actually the only libertarian that spreads its message in a way that people can understand outside of election season. He’s also a Ron Paul supporter.
[/quote]You’re confusing his mustache with Stossel.

Rivera wants a national police stop and frisk program.

I think he would gave some strong points but he definitely is not a libertarian.


Now Stossel I would vote for!


LOL…right you are. Geraldo is a big gov’t social LIBERAL…not libertarian. He is also a populist rabble rouser who has had more makeovers (of position) than Joan Rivers has had facials.




He claims to be a fiscal conservative and social liberal, sounds like a liberaltarian to me


Yup…wants government to enforce/fund his liberal social programs…kind of incompatible with a small government fiscal belief eh? Liberaltarian…a contradiction wrapped in an enigma.


Yes I was thinking of Stossel!!! I was wondering why I didn’t agree with anything he has to say on his radio show lolz.




When I see Geraldo on TV I always remember him in my mind tied to a street sign in a hurricane. Was it Andrew? Or one before Andrew? It was a joke. He is such an ambulance chaser.


To me as well. I don’t believe Mr. Gerald Rivers is a supporter of the 2nd amendment either.

I’ve never been a big fan of him.


He’s also an Obama supporter! But, if he can give the Republicans a majority in the Senate, so be it. I’m not sure a true conservative could win in new Jersey.


Lautenberg said that he is going to retire at the end of his term today. Looks like it could be a Booker vs Geraldo macth up


I’ll take Geraldo in the cage match and a pick up seat for the Republican caucus “majority” even if he votes with the dems 75% of the time!