NJ town proposes flag ban


The Hudson County town of West New York is considering a widespread sign regulation that could include banning American flags from being flown.
The Board of Commissioners have a draft ordinance for “General Sign Regulations”.
Among the prohibited signs under the proposal would be "Flags, banners and pennants.“
This has opponents upset.
"What if I want to hang the American Flag? I can’t,” Frank Ferriero told politickerNJ. “Man, that’s un-American.”

Read more: [I](http://www.myfoxny.com/story/20621844/nj-town-proposes-flag-ban#ixzz2IKyyRPfF<br /><br />[SIZE=3)[]NJ town proposes flag ban - New York News | NYC Breaking News](http://www.myfoxny.com/story/20621844/nj-town-proposes-flag-ban#ixzz2IKyyRPfF<br /><br />
In the past I have read about Home Owner Associates and apartment owners that could not fly or display the flag but this is a further infringement on American values if there is no exclusion for flying the American flag. I know some can argue that if you grant exclusions that will enable some weasel lawyer to claim that opens up the rule so that anyone can do what they want… On the other hand, this may be a not so disguised attempt to remove the American flag in a nation of liberal haters who have told people they can not do this or that from christian religion to making christian companies comply to rules against their faith.


I’ve heard of plenty of these cases but they all tend to be about using flag poles.


[quote=“WhoIsJohnGalt, post:2, topic:37863”]
I’ve heard of plenty of these cases but they all tend to be about using flag poles.
[/quote]I have seen cases where someone could not display the american flag in a window.


Sounds like a dumbass law.

But there’s no suggestion whatsoever of banning the American flag. The context of the ordinance was advertising and promotional flags and banners. It’s poorly written, nothing more.

Just the usual conservative tabloid stuff that sam specializes in sharing.