No big deal, just a simulated assassination of President Trump


No big deal, just a simulated assassination of President Trump at a fundraiser for an Illinois Dem

Check out these photos of an attendee at a fundraiser for Democratic Illinois State Sen. Martin Sandoval simulating an assassination of President Donald Trump:


First time I’ve seen this. Insane!!! I can’t believe that. So many people would wish this upon the president. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. Even if I hated them. Super sad that people have gotten to this point, and they feel no remorse for even deciding to act this out.


The hypocrisy is what gets me (and a lot of us, I imagine). Any hint of such a thing toward Obama or Hillary just about has them rioting in the streets.


How is this different from burning someone in effigy? Is this more repugnant than burning someone in effigy?

I have zero doubt this is true.


Make them live according to the rules they want to impose on others. No breaks, no special dispensations for their “free speech”. The secret service and IRS need to crawl through their intestinal tracts with electron microscopes and any hint of impropriety or irregularity plastered all over social media and any traces of criminality ruthlessly investigated and VICIOUSLY prosecuted. The evil bastards want everyone who disagrees with them dead or enslaved, and we had best be prepared to fight back without mercy or remorse.