No Email Notifications Again

I read in another thread that Zedd is operating on the site so maybe this is an expected glitch but I have not been receiving Email notifications for new posts in subscribed threads for a few days now, I just wanted to make sure you were aware of this.

Thanks, we’ll look into it.

Time to upgrade to vB 4.2.1 or 4.2.2?

The email notification seems to be a sporadic function. Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don’t. Dependent on the “mood” of the server you are on?

Notifications via Email still down.

If it helps in the troubleshooting, the last day I received an Email notification from RO was Feb 13th 2014.

Strange, tested the server and it appears to be properly sending mail. A test email was sent out today, my accounts received it.

Can you check your spam folder? RO may be getting blocked as spam.

That was it, that happened once before and I totally blanked on checking that before I started this thread :embarrese

Thanks again!

We’ve had a deluge of bogus account signups as of late, I hope that has not played a part in our server getting marked as a potential spam sender.

Will investigate more.

I think it has, when I tried to mark RO emails as “Not Spam” I got a notice from Google (I use Gmail) that their servers have made this determination. I had to enter the RO Email address that appears on the notification emails into my Google address book and that finally stopped the auto spam.

Your server’s IP address is showing up as Neutral at Look Up - SenderBase

That’s not negative, but it’s not positive either.

If you’re on a shared IP address I recommend you go dedicated. Someone else’s spamming from the same IP address could be affecting RO’s reputation.

Thanks for the info, Ret.

Thanks for checking CJ. I suspect a few things are the cause- SPF + mail records, misconfigured mail server, and people reporting spam.

This problem has resurfaced since the DDoS attack. I will work on the fix tomorrow.

Hmm, guess I’d better check my gmail. I have outlook express, but it is filtered through gmail.