No-First-Use Nuclear Policy...HELLO Communism


I don’t have to say that the key to keeping the world safe has been the ‘Big Stick’ of nuclear policy. There are 2 components to it:

1). First Strike, meaning we reserve the right to pull the trigger first, think Japan WWII

2). Scorched Earth, meaning we will fire every warhead we have before we stop. Back in the 50’s this was also known as the ‘better dead than Red’ making ref to USSR. It was also called MAD or Mutual Assured Destruction.

To change this leaves and open door to any country, N Korea, Iran, Russia, China to send a single missile to the US and with a different policy in place means we will surrender. Obama has no problem with them and it would fulfill his dream of a communist America.

WASHINGTON — Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James would be “concerned” if the US implemented a formal no-first-use policy for nuclear weapons, at a time when the White House reportedly is considering such a move.
Speaking Aug. 3 to Defense News and sister publication Air Force Times, James also said the service is briefing members of Congress that have expressed doubts about the Pentagon’s nuclear modernization strategy in order to make the case for funding the new Long Range Standoff (LRSO) nuclear cruise missile.
Over the past month, reports have emerged that President Barack Obama is considering enacting a no-first-use policy — in which the US would pledge not to preemptively launch a nuclear strike against another nation — before leaving office.

US Air Force Secretary Skeptical of No-First-Use Nuclear Policy US Air Force Secretary Skeptical of No-First-Use Nuclear Policy