No-fly zone would ‘require war with Syria and Russia’ – top US general


Speaking to the US Senate, the Pentagon’s leaders blamed Russia for the Aleppo aid convoy attack, but admitted they “had no facts.” Only US coalition planes should be allowed over Syria, they said, though that would require war against both Syria and Russia.
Defense Secretary Ash Carter and General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, faced the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday to report on the ongoing military operations and “national security challenges” faced by the US. They also asked the senators for more reliable funding, saying the uncertainty was hurting the defense industry.

If we get a new president not Hillary I expect that our military will stop the war on america. Yes I said the war on america.

We have a habit of supplying weapons, personnel, and money to the enemy and even drop leaflets before an attack as well as reveal plans of our allies.