NO INDICTMENT: Feds Give Hillary Free Pass to Election


Hillary Clinton will not face indictment prior to the 2016 Presidential Election in November, federal law enforcement sources confirm to True Pundit.

More than a year ago the FBI launched a criminal investigation to determine if the former Secretary of State violated federal laws by using a home brew email server to conduct State Department business.

Agents have been investigating if Clinton received and transmitted classified or top secret emails from her home while intentionally bypassing the government’s highly-secured IT infrastructure.

But now there is an overwhelming fear among many of the approximately 30 agents and bureau personnel working on the investigation that the case is lost in a “political haystack,” sources said.

Frustrated FBI insiders are lamenting at the pace of the case and believe their intelligence gathering and analysis were beyond strong enough for a referral to the Department of Justice several months ago, sources said.

Agents are left to wonder now if their dogged research will ever see public eyes. This raises an important question: Are politicized FBI and DOJ brass running out the clock on a warranted criminal indictment prior to November?

EXCLUSIVE NO INDICTMENT: Feds Give Hillary Free Pass to Election | True Pundit


Is anyone surprised?


I’ve read elsewhere that True Pundit is a less than reliable source.

I hope that they (The ones saying the source is not reliable) are right?


IMO, annoymorous sources = rumor grade. Rumors can be true, of course.


This is not looking good.

She may well win. That may well be Trump’s plan - his strategy since the last primaries has been beyond bad. Going after the Bernie kooks. Deliberately ignoring serious conservatives and traditional Republicans. I don’t think it’s accidental.

The nation will NOT withstand her. It will come apart…be ready. God, gold and guns.