No pay cuts for the president and members of congress


With the impending sequester comes the revelation that those who are doing it will not suffer any consequences. Even the republican leadership is on board with letting it happen.


Why Congress protected its own pay in the sequester deal - Yahoo! News


Priorities …


I’d love to have a job where I get paid a ton of money while doing nothing. And then when my doing nothing costs good people their livelihoods, I still get to make the same ton of money.


Don’t we all. Those fools either need term limits or serious paycuts and benefit reductions. Maybe then they will get their heads out of their @$$e$ and do something for once.


I personally believe that during the entire election process, there should be a pool of people to be elected. In order to move forward they should need a certain percentage of the votes. If any of the candidates do not get that percentage, they are all pushed away and a new pool is produced and the same thing happens. Its kinda like the way it is now for party nominations, but different in my head. I also want political parties abolished. That way the candidates have to answer all questions on issues about how they feel honestly. The voters would then vote as to whether the candidate is a good compromise of what they believe. Once a person is elected, they have ONE 4 year term. At the end of that term, the people that voted for the person the first time will vote again, but this time they’ll be voting for their approval of what the person did or did not accomplish. That will determine how much of their severence pay they get. (ie if they receive a 5% approval rating, they only receive 5% of what they are elligable to receive.) I think that if we set the whole process up like this, the candidates that actually run for office will want to help the country and not get in just to be a career politician. And if they know that what they get paid is based on their approval, they will work harder to do what is best for the country and not for special interest groups.

The entire way everything is set up now is clearly antiquated and taken advantage of.


Actually, 4 years may be inadequate to really get the “hang” of the job.


Well its a working theory I have. Maybe 6 years? I don’t know. But the underlying moral of it is that there absolutely needs to be a 1 term limit of whatever the amount of years. Too much time is spent on running for a re-election than actually doing any work.


If you read the works of the founding fathers, they never intended politics to be a career. If they had anticipated what would happen, they might have put term limits into the constitution. Might have, but probably not.


This I know. There’s tons of stuff they didn’t intend on happening that has in the couple hundred years since they had the idea of what this nation should be. Its sad really.


State legislators in my state, both house and senate, make 18,000 a year.