No redactions

$#IT is about to hit the proverbial fan folks!


Trump authorizes declassification of all Russia collusion, Hillary Clinton email probe documents


Waiting for his tax returns. I bet you $750 he won’t release them.

Hey, Patooka - how often do you pay more in taxes than you are required to by law? Is there any proof, or even an allegation, that he has broken the law? Uh, no.

Why should he release them?

By the way the NYT released a 20 year record just 10 days ago, you forgot it already?

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Why do you care? His taxes are none of your business. What you SHOULD care about is how all those Democrat Congresscritters became multi-millionaires on $175,000 per year salaries.


My only question for Trump is this: What in god’s name were you thinking when you did not declassify this shit back in 2018 before the midterm elections?? Everything so far revealed by these documents was supported at that time by circumstantial evidence of what had ocurred.

By the way, is Special Prosecutor Durham sharing the basement with Biden? Where the hell is this guy?

I don’t give a rat’s tail about how much Trump pays in taxes. I am far more interested in what I have to pay in taxes and whether or not the Stock Market is going to tank if the Harris – Biden ticket gets elected.

As a retiree, I should not be taking the risks that I am taking in the stock market. The trouble is everything that bears interest, like saving accounts and bonds, pays diddly squat unless Moody’s has given it triple ZZZ junk bond status.

Both parties have screwed retirees who need safe income sources. Even if you have an MBA, which I have, the markets are darn scary.

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That was a fine argument back when he was a candidate for office. He is now president and passed a tax reform law. So it’s quite fair to say his plan shouldn’t have allowed for this to happen.

There is something called loss carryovers and accelerated depreciation. Both are perfectly legal and have been that way for a long time.

There is something more important than paying taxes. That is keeping the economy moving. That keeps people employed which puts a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food on the table.

I don’t worry about starving the Federal Government any more because it can create money and feed itself as it has been proved since March. Government has become the problem, not the solution. Ronald Reagan expressed that truth in the 1980s, and it is even more valid today.


Yep, no one is arguing it isn’t. They are saying it’s wrong. And I agree. Loss carryovers should never knock out 100% of your taxes. It could modified for carryovers to apply to no more than 75% of income, and the carryover itself should go back to expiring in 5 years like it did in the 60s.

Bonus depreciation in particular makes no sense at all. I understand accelerated schedules like MACRS, but 100% in year one? BS. That’s a rule almost 100% designed strictly for huge organizations to flatten out profits with last minute asset acquisitions.

We should have a wealth tax at least 2x the rate of inflation, and property taxes should differentiate between households and property management (more than paltry things like homesteads).

Well, we now know that you are a socialist Democrat which I suspected all along. You said you would vote for AOC “because she would stir things up.” That’s what you want.

I think you have been a catfish here from the beginning.

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Dimwits ALREADY tried that “wealth tax” BS and it failed miserably! It was called a “luxury tax” and imposed a 10% tax on what it deemed “luxury goods”. It had the effect of virtually destroying the yacht-building industry, the luxury car dealerships and the jewelers…especially along the East Coast…and was quickly repealed when the dimwits discovered that the wealthy were just getting their “luxury goods” in Europe or Asia, thus saving themselves that “10% premium” on what they wanted. Democrats are morons…every one of 'em.

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Yep, joined in 2005, 15 years ago, about 1 less than RWNJ, all with the plan to convince 3-4 men in their 70s to vote for an at-the-time middle schooler for president in 2024.

My plan is just four years from fruition.

You are now a catfish and are a joke. It does not matter when you joined; it is what your positions are.

I live in Australia, we have a PAYG system (Pay As You Go) or Provisional Tax if you are a business owner.

But that’s not the point is it? I’m a foreigner so I’m automatically disqualified to be President. Trump disqualifies himself with his lies and obfuscation. I bet you $750 that Trump has committed tax fraud in some way shape or form.

I agree 100%. Except I would add anyone who is in politics who makes good bank should be held up to scrutiny. It shouldn’t matter what party they are from. If they make money and do their jobs I’m okay with it. If they make money and their actions clearly lean towards screwing over voters for a special interest group then I’m not okay with it. I’m consistent that way.

First of all, you’re referring to INCOME TAXES only. Trump has paid gazillions in Property taxes, sales taxes, etc.

Also, to echo mdmike, Trump claimed LEGAL deductions. Only a fool would make a filing and NOT claim those LEGAL deductions.

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You are absolutely right. Which makes all the more confusing why Trump won’t make it all public. Last time I checked(and I am a foreigner so I could be wrong), Donald Trump is a Public Servent and not a GodEmperor

I could be wrong though. Maybe some here could explain why Donald Trump is infallible and immune to scrutiny

LOL. Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) has ever been under more “scrutiny” than President Trump! Are you serious?

I was alive in the 90’s Bill Clinton says you’re wrong. And I am right. But grab your pom-poms; I’m not gonna stop you.

Bill Clinton was well-known to be a womanizer LONG before he was elected to the presidency by a plurality of voters. The press LOVES salacious stories–as does some of the public. Even so, the press tended to PROTECT Clinton more than condemn him.