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The MUCH bigger issue is the possibility that he owes $400 million in a loan that comes due soon.
If this is true. Who does he owe it too?

Why do you care? YOU aren’t being asked to repay it.

If you don’t know why it matters, your dumber than I thought.

Why do YOU think it matters, moron? Do you somehow think you have a right to know everything there is to know about our President as long as he/she’s a Republican, but don’t care to know if he/she’s a Democrat? Look at how much of Obama’s background we aren’t allowed to inquire about.

  1. Why are his school records sealed?
  2. Why does he have an SSN issued by a State in which he’s never lived?
  3. Why does nobody who graduated from Columbia at the same time he’s supposed to remember anything about him?
  4. Why don’t we have access to his record in Illinois as a legislator?
  5. Why have we never seen baby pictures of his two daughters?
  6. Why are his passport records sealed?
    etc. etc. etc.

Have you ever applied for a security clearance?

You need to read my comment again, you’ll see that this question makes zero sense.

Possibility that doesn’t exist in the way YOU present it.

It is clear you still don’t know about the recent NYT article exposing 20 years of his financial information.

You have yet to present any evidence that he is breaking tax laws, what you are pushing is naked partisan bullshit. He doesn’t have to present anything to the public!

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If there’s nothing to hide, why hide it? And don’t say it has to do with an audit. You can release your taxes while under audit.

I still have a TS clearance as far as I know from 53 years ago.

Then I shouldn’t have to tell you that having large debts is something that is scrutinized.

That’s the hill you want to die on? Are you so ignorant?

Doesn’t negate one’s ability to receive a TS clearance if one is in debt. Are you REALLY this stupid? Certainly wouldn’t forbid a PRESIDENT from receiving one…especially one who’s a billionaire. The President can grant virtually ANYONE a TS clearance himself and on his own authority.

“Die on?” Who’s going to kill me? YOU? You’re as big a moron as CSB apparently.


It doesn’t by defalt. But it depends on whom you owe it to. Of course there are a lot of details, but your debts can disqualify you.

That said, the President doesn’t have to jump though those hoops, which is why it’s the American people that should judge. But we can’t if he hides his exposure, which is of course, exactly what he’s doing.

That’s true, but being the rule is set up that way, doesn’t make it a good rule. I suspect the founders counted on the American people to vote for people with impeccable credentials and character. Washington, Jefferson et. al. are laying face down in their graves.

Funny how much shade you through without realizing what a metaphor is.

It’s called the Trump effect (TT2 aka trigger) infected this lot and you and Send caught the Trump virus.

By your logic, why don’t YOU post your tax returns right here in the forum?

After all you have nothing to hide…


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Wow, and easy question to swat aside…

Simple, I’m not the President nor do the decisions I make effect the American Public at large. I do however work for a large cooperation, maybe you’ve heard of Verizon?

I’m a Sr Level Engineer entrusted with some pretty important jobs and information and I had to clear an FBI background check and hand over certain records and explain certain aspects of my finances (details I won’t share with you). That said, my decisions and responsibility are a flea on the ass of a dinosaur compared to the President, yet my job comes under more scrutiny than his?

I’d ask you if you see the problem with that, but your willful blindness and allegiance to Heir Trump affect your capacity to evaluate information without intense bias.

I spent 8 years in the Army intelligence service (MI) and initiated a fairly substantial number of requests for clearances. I know PRECISELY what’s required to acquire one. President Trump would more than qualify for ANY level you can imagine.

The only person(s) here showing “intense bias” are you and Patooka. Your TDS simply oozes out of every post you make here.

LOL, you couldn’t possibly know that.

Actually, I DO know that. I still have friends and acquaintances in the intel community…some still active.

You are being irrational now, since you will not follow the same rules as the President on personal matters.