No Regrets’ Strategy


By the time Mr. Romney took office in January 2003, Massachusetts was already developing a “climate protection plan” focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Back then Mr. Romney — who has said he believes that “climate change is occurring” and that “human activity is a contributing factor,” though he is not certain how much — simply avoided the question of the scientific evidence, which prompts skepticism from some conservatives. “We didn’t have a big conversation about the science,” said Sonia Hamel, who advised Mr. Romney on climate change

Is it any wonder that conservatives see Rommey as another Obama?


Well Romney isn’t promising to heal the planet and recede the oceans. So I’m not worried about Romney’s non-existent Green Energy policy. If Romney creates an alternative energy source he would be one of the most rounded Presidents of our lifetimes. If there’s one thing I am not worried about is that Romney will NOT invest in crappy solar panel companies like Obama did. He knows how to make money, even in green energy. But I doubt that’s high on his list of stuff to do.


The ***least ***of our worries is government investing in unviable green company’s, the real economic devastation that is killing our employment, busting our budget and making America unable to compete in the world are the regulations and prohibitions leveled against our industries that would otherwise be prospering.

Romney will not address this in any way except to encourage more of the same from the E.P.A. and signing every Enviro-Nazi piece of legislation that finds its way to his desk.


The government isn’t serious about reducing oil use. I mean, talk about backwards thinking.

So we aren’t allowed to drill here exensively, but we are allowed to make the Middle East rich by purchasing their oil.

The government is subsidizing wind and solar companies, despite the fact that wind power is only a regional solution, and the solar technology just isn’t there yet. And government hasn’'t helped yet. But nuclear energy, that has been repressed for decades, is used by modern European nations as their primary energy sources, and it is renewable and cheap.

Corn ethanol is subsidized while the world is starving and food prices are rising, and yet hemp, which yields twice as much ethanal as corn, is for some reason illegal.