No rush yet on inaugural tickets and hotel rooms


Plans for President Barack Obama’s second inauguration in January are in full swing. A reviewing stand is under construction in front of the White House, congressional offices are taking ticket requests and planners are mapping out parade logistics and street closures.

            But if a crush of well-wishers is hoping to descend on the nation’s capital as it did four years ago, when 1.8 million people crowded into the city to be a part of his history-making swearing-in, their preparations are off to a much more leisurely start.

No rush yet on inaugural tickets and hotel rooms | McClatchy

I wonder how many people lost their livilihoods and can not afford to come. The same goes for those who came to their senses and did not vote for Obama this time.[LEFT]


I am sure Hamas will fly in and fill all the seats that they cannot sell.


Who cares?