No Spoilers Please: Star Wars The Force Awakens


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So, without any spoilers, I will sum up the new Star Wars movie: I don’t feel it. It was OK. It was better than the prequels. It was not so spectacular that I feel it redeemed the total whitewash of canon from the past 25 years of novels that I read. JJ Abrams didn’t make a fan out of me. Yeah, I will go see the next one. I know that I will never enjoy it like I did when The Empire Struck Back. The whole movie felt like it was a rehash of lines already spoken, and scenes already shot. That’s my take on it. Good night!

When it’s acceptable to talk spoilers, I will flesh out what bugged with it more. Still, I am quite positive it is better than anything Lucas would have done at this point. I don’t want people to get the wrong idea, I don’t feel like it was a waste of my time. I certainly enjoyed it more than the prequels. Maybe it will grow on me when I watch it at home.


That is the general feeling I have been hearing from everyone else. The film was “Been there done that.”.


Go see it with that in mind, and don’t expect to be blown away. It was enjoyable though. It’s certainly worth the $10, which is more than I can say for most movies I’ve seen in the past 20 years.


Yeah I am sure I will enjoy it. It is just like Abrams Star Trek movies. They are enjoyable to watch but in terms of how they relate to the series as a whole…well a discussion best left for another time. :wink:


I loved it. Minor complaints (empire strikes back annoyed me more), a worthy successor that will prove out in the next two movies.

I think the parallel plotting in it was executed well and will set the stage for a top notch trilogy. I hope anyway.

I got more than I expected from it, and it’s vastly superior to Abrams’ take on Star Trek. In fact, his weaknesses with Star Trek are his strengths with Star Wars.


Abrams can make a veryy good sci-fi action movie I will give him that my issue is that he tends to ignore the very things that made the series popular(i.e. Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek). While the Star Wars series may have been made for children the fans have since taken it and made it much more and I think that should be respected. I will most likely wait till it is out on DVD before I watch it. Much cheaper to rent and more enjoyable in my comfy chair.


Really, go see it.

I’m a harsh critic, obviously, since 99% of the reviews are stellar.


As far as I’m concerned, J.J. Abrams murdered Trek.

I’m not a fan of Wil Wheaton, but he said something that echoed my sentiments (I may not be getting this word for word):

“I just saw a really weird trailer. It was for a generic action sci-fi movie, but everyone was wearing Star Trek costumes…”

That’s my take.

One thing that galled me was that on the DVD of the first Star Trek reboot, it had a special feature in which he discussed: “What can we learn from Star Wars?” The answer: How to screw up Trek by appealing to a movie audience with the attention span of a five-year-old…


Seemed a little fast paced to me. But there was a lot to like about it.


Spoiler Alert!

So [Censored] went to the [Censored], and when they [Censored] the [Censored], everybody in the theater was like… [Censored].

Spoiled the movie… I know. So sorry.

With that said, I thought the movie was good. JJ should stick to Star Wars, that’s his bag. Get somebody that really gets Roddenberry’s vision of Star Trek to do more Star Trek. Both Star Trek and Star Wars are great franchises, but for ENTIRELY DIFFERENT REASONS. Directors should play to the strength of each series, not try to cross the streams. Crossing the streams is bad yo.


I think this show is more racist and sexist than the original movies. A woman is shoved into the lead role yet she is somehow Han Solo’s slave, flying his ship all over, taking his orders. He told her what to do a couple of times, I mean really. And when she’s working on the ship, she’s doing all the real work, while the man sits around. Since he’s black, he has a hard time figuring out the tools. So racist? Oh, boy. What isn’t racist about Finn? They turn the only black lead ever in the series into a homosexual. And again, a lead shoved into a slave role, kidnapped as a baby and forced to be a stormtrooper. They’re clearly saying that it’s OK to make slaves of black homosexuals and women.

For the humorless and sarcasm impaired:
MSNBC Host: ‘Star Wars’ Is Racist Because Darth Vader Is Black | Fox News Insider
Hope that helps you…


Yea, the prequels killed the franchise for me. And I have no love for Disney, either. Or Hollyweird. So spoil away, I’ll see it when it’s on the internet for free…


Movie suffered a terrible case of nostalgia abuse…


J.J. Abrams did the nostalgia thing with the Trek reboot too; it flopped.


I’d agree there was a lot of nostalgia in the Trek reboot, at least the stories were new, if not inconsistent with the original series (what happens to Spock’s home planet), but the new Star Wars movie recycled so much of the original story and just put a new face on it. Sadness.

The prequels were beyond awful. This move was mildly entertaining, but overall, a disappointment imo.


I thought it was actually a great movie. I was worried with what Disney would do to Star Wars but it turned out fine.


From what I gather, he at least did Star Wars like a Star Wars movie. But he did Star Trek- like a Star Wars movie… On the DVD, there’s a special feature titled: “What can we learn from Star Wars?” The answer: How to mess up Star Trek by aiming for an appeal to an audience with the attention span of a five-year-old…