NO SUCH THING AS VOTER FRAUD here is the proof


Wonder how many and how much this is happening across the US??

"**EXPLOSIVE DALLAS COUNTY VOTER FRAUD ACCUSATIONS: **Via WFAA – “The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office has secret audio recordings in which a campaign worker claims he pays off someone inside the county elections to find out when mail-in ballots get sent out. Sidney Williams, 33, made the audio recordings of Jose Barrientos. Williams shared the audio with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and WFAA. …

Identifying a person named “Jose Rodriguez,” who has signed dozens, perhaps hundreds of mail-in ballots, is the biggest mystery in Dallas County politics right now. How easy is it to steal a ballot in Dallas County, WFAA asked Williams. “Easy,” he responded. This is becoming one of the biggest voter fraud investigations underway in Texas.” WFAA"


My guess is that it’s rampant…especially in large cities mostly controlled by Democrat machines.


It depends a lot on region. There’s really not any impersonation fraud going on. Most of the problems deal with absentee ballots, and non-citizens being registered on the voter roles(this is especially common in California).

Voting multiple times in person is a delusion with no basis in reality. And worrying about that misses the actual illegal voting that does happen on a regular basis.

This example here is exactly how it works. Absentee ballots, and people who shouldn’t be on the rolls in the first place.


Exactly, I would add also organizations that register voters as permanent absentee then have all the ballots sent directly to the organization to be filled out.

As long as they register people who will likely never be interested in voting they cannot get caught, if no voter cries foul there is no way to know anything.


OK, except that one woman in Cleveland was recently convicted of voting (in person) 12 times–casting “votes” on behalf of her relatives, three of whom were dead. Her excuse? “Well, that’s how they WOULD have voted had they been able to.”


I live in a vote-by-mail state, probably the first and maybe the only one. Years ago, probably in 2000, I received two ballots, one from the county where I actually lived and one from the county where I used to live. I could have voted twice, and no one would’ve been the wiser. I called the old county to let them know I no longer lived there. Otherwise, that county might still have me on its rolls today. The counties know this kind of thing happens and do clean up their rolls, but I’m not sure how they do it or how effective it is. I have to think the problem has multiplied since the motor voter bill went into effect, but I’m not sure the folks added by the motor voter bill actually vote ever.


I can imagine few circumstances more ripe for voter fraud than “vote by mail.”


When I lived in Chicago, all the cry about voter fraud caused Cook County to wipe out all the voter rolls and require everyone who wanted to vote to register anew. Guess what? All those dead people, and people whose address was a vacant lot, registered right away. And some hapless voters didn’t take it seriously, and demanded that they be allowed to vote, because of “who” they were (my husband’s employers being among them).