Nobody will get this

“You mean, water, like what’s in the toilet?” - idiocracy

“Ivermectin; like what they use to deworm cows?” - USA 2021

Just gonna add some light context to the movie’s intentions

The great thing about being conservative is, when you see something funny or true you don’t have to question the source material before you laugh

Your joke requires context. Specifically knowledge of the movie Idocracy.

Your comment about "see(ing) something funny or true you don’t have to question the source material before you laugh whilst staring a thread about a joke that only works if you’ve seen the movie is what us leftist call irony.

Good attempt though. I keep hearing how right wingers don’t have a sense of humour and that clearly isn’t true.

Who wants to pay $15 to see a Communist inspired movie than is met to inspire programmed college students? That’s a big pass.

Who wants to fork out $15 just to see a movie? Dude, you’re spending too much money.

Context isn’t really needed on this but I’ll give some.

In the movie idiocracy, far in the future, everyone drinks “brawndo” a gatorade type drink that corporations have touted as the only thing humans should drink. It even gets to the point where the world can’t grow crops anymore because people are watering plants with brawndo. Because they’re idiots.

Several times during the film the modern day humans laugh at people who drink water and are disgusted by the concept. They say “water like what’s in the toilet.” Even though all they need is water, not brawndo. The media has done the planet a disservice while putting money into the pockets of corporate giants.

Pretty much the same as ivermectin. CNN actually touted ivermectin as “what they use to deworm sheep” while completely avoiding the reality that it saves lives.

Water will not make the brawndo company money. Ivermectin will not make pfizer money. Their obvious and cheap benefits are lost on a population that only believes what they are told on TV.

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And I still think that nobody will see the obvious parallels. :expressionless:

The creators of that film had the intention of poking fun at conservatives, yet they unwittingly made fun of liberals just 16 years later. I can overlook that fact because this movie accurately reflects current day society so much.

Sometimes I question whether or not I have just stepped out of a time machine and into

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Do you know whose word I take with regards to ivermectin being effective against Covid? A pharmaceutical company called Merck. They’re saying ivermectin isn’t a solution to Covid.

I guess they’re not making any money from the drug either.

Posted in February, and Merck still hasn’t felt a need to revise their statement.

oh good lord

you stepped right out of that movie :laughing:

You’re trying to make a “insider” joke and then when called on it you are trying to…what exactly? You want to derp derp ivermectin good leftists bad crappy meme? Good luck with that. You are acting like the precocious brat in the old video game Law of the West.

Good luck with that. Twice.

I’m not going to waste my time with this any more. I feel like I’m arguing with someone out of idiocracy.

peace! and good luck

You must find yourself laughing at your side more than others. Outside of Dennis Miller, Bill Burr, and Norm Mcdonald there are not many conservative comedians. If you think Tim Allen or Jeff Foxworthy are comedians well thats a whole other barrel of monkeys.

If they think it works let them take it, it puts less pressure on the healthcare system. Meanwhile they keep pointing out the Singapore welfare state as ideal, and thats the country taking insurance away from the unvaccinated.

I actually just read each article you posted entirely. I feel no more conviced that ivermectin is the answer than i did before reading them. Could you please explain how each adds to the case for ivermectin use? Here’s what i got:

Article 1: actually not a bad read on the state of the Merck and Pfizer drugs for covid. They both seem like decent options.

Article 2: not so much an article as it is a couple paragraphs of fear mongering on this person’s blog website.

Article 3: something about a group sending a note to the president of south africa. It’s pretty outdated as well. They cite ivermectin use in Zimbabwe saying that deaths fell to zero after they started using it. Has ivermectin stopped working since then? Because not too long after, Zimbabwe’s deaths spiked to their highest ever.

Article 4: an article from 2011 praising ivermectin as an anti-parasitic, which it is. Makes no mention whatsoever of anti-viral activity or potential.

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If only obama would have recovered from covid using ivermectin instead of trump. things would be a lot different

follow the money. always follow the money. merck is going to make a helluva lot more cash with their anti-coof drug then they ever could with ivermectin.

I’m sure it’s all Clinton’s fault. Be a man, a true conservative and blame it on Clinton you coward. Save the blaming Obama (whose middle name is HUSSEIN DID YOU KNOW THAT?) for a more opportune moment

But, but…It has electrolytes!!!

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I completely dismantled his argument about Ivermectin before in the “proof” he gave and I outlined why it didn’t prove what he thought.

I also decimated his claim that COVID deaths are falsely reported and that accounts for the high covid numbers.

He just stops arguing and then throws more poop against the wall to see if it sticks.

We really need a thread dedicated to how we evaluate the idea that something is true or untrue.