Nobody will get this

you have no idea what goes on at merck or any of these big pharma plants.

No would you’re party support a pharmaceutical sunshine transparency act nope wait donors got you by the jimmies?

Look man. My opinion, this is just what I think, is that this covid situation has mutated into a way for people to grab power and money. Maybe it was always that. It’s turned into a cult. Just because something is endorsed by liberal MSM doesn’t make it true.

Opinions shift and “facts” change. Remember when conservatives thought the virus came from china, and trump was accused of being racist because he actually insinuated it came from wuhan? Now that trump is out of office libs all seem to agree it came from china. (?!) Everything is political. The outcome of the coof and its cult of compliance? - now we have arguably the worse president of all time

Either way always follow the money. Who is profiting? Is anyone profiting? How much money are they actually making?

From a personal stand point, I don’t know anyone who has died from covid. Nobody. Not one single person. I have a step-uncle who died of heart complications after getting vaxed though.

Remember Smollett? Literally ever liberal news source instantly advertised his “racist tragedy” as FACT. This was because they have an agenda. It’s because of sh-- like this that I don’t believe anything the MSM tells me; and I don’t believe the government because of the same thing. When we post links to prove our points it’s a waste of time in my eyes. You believe your sources are above ridicule, I don’t.

… if Biden were to get sick with the coof and recovered (in record time) using ivermectin I guarantee you the country would have a change of heart, and it would become the crazy miracle cure that nobody could have predicted.

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Yes, because it’s generic, and they’re developing a vaccine. They have an incentive to be dismissive.

What I’m more interested in, is the word of the doctor who discovered ivermectin:

And nothing yet said changes this fact; We should study it. It’s wrong we haven’t done anything to confirm it one way or the other. This has been talked about for over a year and a half, there’s no excuse why a more high-confidence study hasn’t been done.

It’s also an Anti-inflammatory:

And we have seen tests showing it combating COVID in tissue samples – it’s just the amount was too high to be a usable dosage. The question then becomes would smaller dosages still have beneficial effects? Other ways to mitigate the virus?

Anyone who uses anything except ventilators and pfizer/moderna to combat covid is a freaking idiot. Big pharma has a solution for everything. Duh. If the vaccine wouldn’t have been rolled out by Biden everyone and everything on the planet would be dead by now. I for one can’t wait to be locked down again so I can stop killing people! My stupid unvaccinated a-s.

Only two ways to get rid of covid: kill all republicans, and vaccinate everything. You can fact check this yourselves. Killing white people also helps.

what in hell did this guy just say? LOLOLOL

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well CAROLINE. He was insulting how you’re giving enough money to big pharma. Because you’d rather keep it for yourself. Because you’re selfish. You probably eat chick fil a. Bigot.

She’s illiterate she can’t help that. Lets use smaller words.

Hey Caroline I am a person. I would like to see Republican (GOOD PARTY) make law showing how pharma work’s looks like from inside (Pharma BAD). Something called Transparency (Bad). No need to ask questions about patriotic rich folk. Doing so would piss rich people off (BAD). So we can’t do that, because GOP like Rich People, even though PHARMA BAD. Sorry wish Rich people had to play by same rules but GOP good, and Rich People good. Pharma make people rich, but Pharma Bad.

Except, Pharma’s not bad, they have bad incentives because of how FDA approval and patent law works.

And let’s be frank, the FDA approval process, sucks. We knew that as early as the AIDS epidemic:

It became a parody of itself when the EpiPen, which was developed cheaply in the 1970s before the modern FDA process was around, has witnessed no rival emerge that can get through the modern process even with $100 of millions backing them.

No competition = no incentive to economize = high prices.

We can do the R&D, we’re better at that than anywhere on the planet. But we have an approval process that lags everyone; and attaches $ Billions to the cost of developing new drugs.

And you can’t justify why that goes on. Why Betablockers were approved in Europe 10 years before we did. Why you can find EpiPen competitors elsewhere.

This is anti-market behavior, and we’re paying for it in both blood and treasure.

I notice that it is just fine for this jackass to insult everyone else FC but everyone else is supposed to handle him with kidd gloves. Is he releated to Eric Swalwell?


I for one want the government to run every aspect of my life unless it’s a Republican president. More mandates too. And kill everyone who didn’t get the Covid vax

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leftist fools.

The FDA approval process is built to wealthy pharma. If I found a novel component and wanted to patent it and submit it for Phase I. I would need to pony up nearly 50 million dollars. No other country has a pay to play thing like that.

Quite true, and the system probably needs reform.

But I am not against all regulations. In the early 20th century the Coca-cola Company was putting cocaine in their drink. That was not a great idea.

I was reading that Abraham Lincoln had a lot of trouble. with constipation. Early in his presidency he took “blue mass” pills, which were laced with mercury. We now know that mercury is poisonous and can result in death. Lincoln complained that the medicine made him irritable and unable to sleep at night, so he stopped taking it.

This was only one of the dangerous substances that were added to medicines before there were regulations which started with the Hepburn Act in the early 1900s. I am not opposed to regulations that protect us dangerous substances, but I oppose regulation that enacted for political purposes or when it becomes excessive.

Why do some people think that all wisdom lies in government? I have no idea.

Batin’ …

If your not diabetic and you take metformin it’s a dangerous substance. You’re pretty much saying I support the DEA’s flawed scheduling, but don’t want to make it easier to get medicine approved, by lowering upfront costs. Pharma made most of the “illegal drugs”. God made the rest of them. The one I’ve seen take a 100000 this year is Opium. Pain sucks, it really sucks, but you know the treatment is so extreme that, people are lacing the streets in death. I just think the upfront cost for medicine submission is too high thats why naturopathy is becoming popular. I can Go to Meijer get a 5 dollar ear drop containing a bit of sulfur (known antibiotic) and get rid of an ear infection.

And it’s called regulatory capture. You fix it through regulatory reform, just like they did with the airlines, which also suffered from regulatory capture.

It didn’t mean the airlines were evil. It mean they had bad incentives.

But hey, if you want to see giants fall; there’s no better way to see corporations go the way of Eastern Airlines, then to have their market share taken by upstarts who play the game right.

It seems in “free markets” corporations take over the government pay almost no taxes and run everything. Then conservatives they say that’s not a true free market? Where are the trust busters in the GOP?

Except, no? We didn’t have a free market with airlines in the 60s. That was the problem.

With deregulation, more airlines could enter the field. And FedEx could buy real jets, making airmail, functional.

Regulatory capture, requires regulation to happen. It’s in the word.

Free markets set you free from the problem; can’t capture what regulations don’t give you the power to coerce.

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