Nojay not the first to win election posthumously


The death of state Assemblyman William Nojay by suicide Friday did not prevent him from winning a Republican party primary Tuesday against Honeoye Falls Mayor Richard Milne.
If such a thing has ever happened in the Rochester area, it has been a long time at the least. Across the country, though, a dead person winning an election is unusual but by no means unprecedented.
Consider the scale: A 2012 report from the U.S. Census Bureau reported there are nearly 90,000 local governments in the nation, nearly all composed of elected members.
With that many candidates, it is inevitable that some will die after their names are printed on the ballot, and that some will be elected. Just in the last 20 years, it has happened a number of times, including in a vote for a U.S. senator.
There was even a case already in 2016. Kansas City Councilwoman Dutch Newman was re-elected to her seat Aug. 3, just a week after dying at age 95.

Nojay not the first to win election posthumously

With the ongoing election just think for a moment about the fact Hillary is having health problems and will the democrats elect her if she passes? The troops have circled the wagons and been telling us how brave she has been working through her illness.


Just to point out the obvious: Democrats win elections all the time & they are brain dead.




Who was the guy who won an election posthumously, and his wife took over the spot? I think it was in Arkansas, not sure.


Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan famously won election to the Senate in Missouri in 2000 – 38 days after passing away in a plane crash that also claimed the lives of his son and a campaign advisor. Carnahan beat incumbent Senator John Ashcroft - who would soon move on to serve as U.S. Attorney General for President George W. Bush. Carnahan’s wife filled his spot in the Senate until a 2002 special election.

George Wallace of Alabama replaced by his wife Lurleen Wallace


That wasn’t after Wallace had DIED. It was after he was unable to run because of Alabama’s gubernatorial term-limits. She ran (and was elected) on the platform of “Let George Do It.”


I know but I felt it was interesting since she did become governor after he did because it was a case of a husband and wife both serving. I should have clarified the reason for posting it.


In the case of Nojay, my understanding is that he had a class A-1 RINO running against him. So the dead guy won instead…


That’s the one!


The point was that Mrs. Carnahan was not elected. I’m not sure she was even legally appointed. Anyway, I believe there was a great hullabaloo about the legality of it, but nothing was changed.