Norma "Jane Roe" McCorvey's death bed confession

She was paid by evangelicals to be pro-life.

She died in 2017. There are some interesting comments at the link. The woman was used by the left, paid by the left for her part in Roe V WAde so she is responsible in part for the deaths of 33 million baby boys and girls. She was lesbian, worked in an abortion mill and has a mouth on her. Allegedly she had a conversion to Christianity and came out pro life.

Seems to me she shouldn’t be trusted in any capacity. Neither the left nor right has any respect for her and will quickly forget the person and make a deal of her notoriety.


I just read her bio. Traumatic childhood, drug and alcohol problems, sexual identity issues, a serial liar; in other words, a garden-variety All-American mess.

At the time of her “conversion”, McCorvey was working in an abortion clinic, which may have traumatized her, and contributed to her change of heart.

Dumped her long-time female partner after the latter had a stroke.

AP hates evangelicals, so I guess that’s why he didn’t mention that McCorvey was a fervent Catholic.

Norma “Jane Roe” McCorvey’s".

Who? Oh, the woman who's case went to SCOTUS over abortion while she had
 her child in the mean time? So she goes looking for a pay day since her 
usefulness to liberals was over?

Such a sad story. How's the child she wanted to terminate doing? 
Much more interesting story. "My Mom wanted to kill me but it was 
illegal at the time and here's what happened since". 
There could be three volumes... since the Roe-vs-Wade 
child was the 3rd birth by her 21st birthday and she didn't 
have anything to do with them. After that, falsely accusing a
 man of raping her.

Quite the party girl.


Geesh. What a tragic life. She claims she was coerced into participating in the Roe v. Wade debacle. I hope it is true that she had a genuine conversion. She is going to see all those babies she helped murder; she will look into their eyes and know what she did.