North Carolina speaker Thom Tillis running against Kay Hagan R


North Carolina speaker Thom Tillis running against Kay Hagan - Emily Schultheis -

Tillis is plain awful. A complete RINO. You can view the Tillis file here:

T[he other candidate in the race, physician Greg Brannon offered his response to the entry of Tillis:

Greg Brannon Welcomes Thom Tillis To The Race[COLOR=#505050][COLOR=#000000]Says The Race Will Offer a Clear Choice Between
Establishment Insider and Anti-Establishment Change Agent

[COLOR=#000000]Raleigh, NC - Today, Dr. Greg Brannon, North Carolina’s anti-establishment Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, who is running to oppose the Big Government, big spending status quo in both political parties, welcomed Thom Tillis to the race to challenge Senator Kay Hagan next year.

If Republicans in this state would rather be represented by a political insider, heavily influenced by special interests, who has taken liberal positions on legislation in the North Carolina State House, including Ferry Tolls, Interstate Toll HOT Lanes and the protection of telecommunication monopolies at the expense of smaller free market competitors, then Mr. Tillis has certainly proven he is willing to compromise on our core conservative principles to benefit his friends,” said Brannon.

Brannon added, “Mr. Tillis is the poster child for why I’m in this race. I represent conservatives that are fed up with crony capitalism, special interests, political compromise and excuses. Mr. Tillis is yet another in a long line of career politicians eager to take the next step on the ladder of political power.”

Mr. Tillis has recently been under fire from conservative activists across the state. Many believe he has used his leadership position in the State House to defeat Republican candidates in party primaries in favor of Democrats who switched parties or were part of his personal circle of political allies.

As recently as this week, the Craven County GOP Executive Committee voted to censure the Speaker, listing numerous grievances against him and his leadership. Other counties have expressed their interest in doing the same. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000000]The Republican primary between Dr. Brannon and Mr. Tillis reflects the larger debate going on in the Republican Party nationwide. North Carolinians will have to decide if they want to bring change to Washington or if they are satisfied with more of the same.
[COLOR=#000000]"Those who know me know I’m a straight forward guy. Are they looking for an uncompromisable ambassador from the sovereign State of North Carolina, who will immediately join Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee by standing firm against all infringements by the federal government into the lives of North Carolinians?

If they’re looking for that kind of Senator, then I’m their candidate. This primary will give Republicans the opportunity to choose the candidate who best represents the conservative values we say our party stands for. I intend to be just as steadfast in challenging my opponent in this primary to walk the walk as I will my colleagues in the U.S. Senate. Mr. Tillis, welcome to the race," finished Brannon.

Dr. Greg Brannon is a hard-working, dedicated physician, not a career politician. His entrance into politics is indicative of his life’s work: a desire to diagnose problems and provide practical solutions. He encourages conservatives who believe that our problem is a lack leadership and not a lack of compromise, to visit [URL=“”]]( to learn more about his campaign and sign up to get involved.[/COLOR]

Brannon has led Tillis in both PPP polls so far.


Anyone but Hagan! We need to pick up this seat!


Nooooooooooooo no no no no no no !!! Agghhh.


Thom Tillis is not a good candidate for this race. I would know, he’s MY state rep. He’s a career “me before principles” politician. He’ll be another establishment lackey in the Senate (not that he’d win or even come close lol)

Greg Brannon is tea party, support him instead! TILLIS IS USELESS!!! Don’t know much about Brannon but he seems mentally stable.

Also, me and Bigfoot agree, which is somewhat of a rarity. Heed our warning. Hiss. HISSSS. HISSSSSSSS.

(Yes, i know im insane)

Anyways, now that I threw my childish tantrum…Tillis sucks. He’s a major RINO and is making NC go far-right, though with no intention of making those policies work. He’s been posturing for the 2014 race for about 2-3 years now. Especially the last 8 months.

Pittman blasts Tillis ::
King Thom Tillis (Most likely a dem site, but most of it’s prob true.)

I personally used to LOVE Tillis but since becoming Speaker he’s lost his way.

Our chances of this seat are slowly slipping away. If it’s between Brannon and Tillis. You betcha I’m going to vote for Brannon. Tillis might be from my city and my state rep but will not be getting homer boner from this conservative.


I do not know too much about North Carolina politics. What is the biggest distinction between Tillis and Brannon? What do they disagree about?


Brannon actually believes Tea Party principles can work if implemented. He actually stands for Conservative ideals.
Tillis, who is an establishment republican, only started implementing tea party policies because it’s convenient for him. Unshockingly, a lot of these policies are not working, because Tillis isnt actually tea party and neither are his goons in the State House who are drafting these bills under the false pretense of them being “Tea Party”

Other potential candidates/declined to run:

I wanted Cherie Berry (Commish of Labor) to run but she has declined. My former Congressman, Sue Myrick (awesome person) is too old (71) and retired from the House due to her age. Renee Ellmers is awesome too but she’s very young and only a two term congresswoman. She’s also unpolished and needs some work before running for higher office.

Virginia Foxx is a crazy.
Phil Berger ( President pro tempore of the North Carolina Senate) would be an ok candidate. He’s establishment but not a two faced liar like Tillis.
Robin Hayes is a former congressman, outgoing NCGOP Chair. He’s a cool guy. Pretty conservative but might be too extreme for NC. Also he’s pretty old.

IDK who former Ambass. James P Cain is.
Lynn Wheeler is a city councilwoman in my city, so she might be an ok candidate but considering she’s never had an office with more importance then city council I doubt she gets anywhere if she runs.

Dan Forest, LT. Gov (he’s awesome but just elected LT Gov in 2012, will not run)
George Holding (just elected to congress in 2012, he’s awesome but wont run. He almost put corrupt former NC Gov, and Democrat mike easley in prison.)
Patrick McHenry (Congressman, way too conservative for NC, has made some Virginia Foxx-esque statements, said he’s not running)
Robert Pittenger (My new congressman, fake conservative, he sucks. hes not running)