North Carolina Sues Fed Over Fiscal Threats If NC Doesn't Allow Men In Ladies Room

[SIZE=5]**North Carolina Governor Sues Justice Department Over Bias Law
**[SIZE=3][SIZE=2]Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina on Monday escalated the nation’s clash over transgender rights by suing the Justice Department, which said last week that the state had violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it passed a law prohibiting people from using public restrooms that do not correspond with the gender listed on their birth certificates.

In the suit, the governor accused the Justice Department of a “radical reinterpretation” of the law.

In a sign of just how seriously the Justice Department views the case, Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch and Vanita Gupta, the Justice Department’s top civil rights official, scheduled a news conference Monday to respond to North Carolina’s lawsuit.
The Justice Department was expected to take legal action of its own — perhaps in a separate lawsuit — after Mr. McCrory’s refusal to “remedy” what federal officials deemed to be illegal civil rights violations. [/SIZE][/SIZE]

As I understand it, the Justice Dept. under Obama gave the Governor of NC a week longer to respond to threats of removing federal funds from North Carolina if he meekly did a press conference “admitting it was a mistake”. The Governor did no such thing and drew the battle lines. This will be nothing but positive for the conservative establishment who many have complained in the base have been sitting on their hands, meekly allowing the LGBT cult to destroy our culture’s conservative core. If the GOP nominates an actual conservative instead of Donald Trump, this will help reunite the base immensely. Well done Governor McCrory.

It will be difficult for the defendants in this case to clearly describe how a man is also at the same time “a woman”. Transcripts and the final Decision will be available for the public to read. Also difficult will be the Court’s clarity on how it is possible to only allow some men who self-diagnose “as a woman” into bathrooms clearly marked “women” above the door, while at the same time keeping other men out who also suddenly decided they feel like a woman trapped in a man’s body too.

Clearly, there will have to be some solid way of diagnosis and identification for men who are somehow “actually a woman”. I’d like to see the MD and psychiatrists bold enough to sign off on that farce.


I heard about this on the radio. More power to the governor of NC.

In other related news, the ALCU is taking some kind of action (a lawsuit, I think, and would imagine) against Mississippi for their laws to protect private businesses who do not wish to hire or do business with LGBT types if it violates their conscience. Unlike municipalities and school boards who have capitulated to the ACLU because it was too expensive to fight the lawsuit, Mississippi has deep enough pockets to go to the mat with them. I hope they fight tooth and nail.