North Korea defied world with nuclear test. Now it seeks aid for flood disaster


North Korea defied world with nuclear test. Now it seeks aid for flood disaster | National Post

The unfortunate outcome of dictators and fascist governments is that the population suffers in so many ways. You can be sure the local population are kept in the dark about the seriousness of these floods.

TOKYO — Floods that devastated North Korea last month are turning out to be worse than initially feared, with more than 100,000 people left homeless, according to aid workers who visited the area last week.
That puts Pyongyang in the inconvenient position of having to turn to the international community for help — at the same time as the country is facing global condemnation after its latest nuclear test and amid fears it is preparing to launch another.
“The effects of this flooding will be even more dramatic and devastating than initially thought,” said Chris Staines, the head of the Pyongyang office of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. “The people there are in a very desperate situation.”


Thanks, Message sent: “how long can you tread water…best of luck on that breast stroke”


I’m tired of ALL that aid that we seem to give to the world. They don’t seem to be able to solve their problems as long as we keep helping them. As for N. Korea specifically, I could care less if they all starve. Let China help them…They are buddies.


North Korea is not a good member of the “family of nations.” To qualify for handouts you should be a member in good standing.

Let North Korea get its aid from their buddies in China. If China won’t pony up then it should be “root hog or die.”

Aiding North Korea is like feeding a poisonous snake that can’t wait to bite and kill you. The best thing that could happen for the entire world would be if a someone could take a shovel and chop the head off of “Kim I Am Mentally Ill.” He is nothing but a parasite like Hitler, Stalin and the rest of the human vermin throughout history who have made life worse for the people on this planet while providing few if any benefits in return.


If you think about it, it’s kind of funny. We help those people today, so that they can be executed tomorrow by their own leader.


This is an old game with North Korea. Huge army and crying poverty and asking for food. This ploy has worked time after time.